As a woman, you should understand that there are several kinds of men. The kind of men you attract depends on your attitude and where you visit regularly. It also depends on the qualities you look for in a man. Here are some tips for you if you want a long term relationship.

Responsible guys aren’t nightclub regulars

There is nothing with going to nightclubs regularly. If you are looking for a one night stand or a fling, then you are good to search in a nightclub. But if you want a responsible man that will build a long term relationship with you, sorry, the nightclub is the wrong place to search.

Girls go to nightclubs to dance and have fun but most guys go to nightclubs to catch ladies like you. Why do you think only a few men allow their wife or girlfriend to accompany them to nightclubs? It is because they go to the club with the hope of “catching” a new babe.

You definitely have a colleague at work or a classmate that may be crushing on you but you won’t date him because, he is boring and probably not hot enough for you, right? This is where you are wrong. He is probably the one for you because he must have seen certain qualities in you.

Watch your outfit

You like to wear dresses that accentuate your hot thighs and your “killer” curves. It is fine. At least, you are being fashionable. A guy decided to ask you out the first day he saw your hot laps and you are wondering why he dumped you after having sex with you a couple of times. Isn’t it clear? He saw your laps and he only wanted to have a taste.

The point is, a guy that will stay long with you must see several qualities in you apart from your hot body. You can only attract lust with skimpy dresses and not love.

Can you survive the competition?

You want to date a super-hot guy that looks gorgeous and has 6 packs right? Even if you eventually get one, you will be on your toes all through the relationship because all the other ladies want him too. And they will all keep making advances. So, while dating him, you should enjoy your timeslot while it lasts.

It will give you more peace of mind and less competition when you date a moderately presentable young man. This kind of guy is likely to spend the rest of his life with you.

Ask him for his future ambition

Guys who do not have a future ambition can’t help you become successful in anything. They are only interested in partying, nightclubbing, having sex and probably living off you. He will leave when you get broke and hook up with another “source of livelihood”. After all, he’s got the look, the lyrics, and the swag to sweep any lady of her feet. Once a guy cannot tell you tell you his future ambition and how he plans to achieve it, then you don’t need to continue dating the guy. Just like him, your relationship with him has no future.

Every woman wants a decent man near her and it’s very difficult to find a true soulmate. Internet is full of dating tips, relationships advice and tricks. Make sure you follow a trust sources.

In conclusion, this article is meant for ladies who want to have a long term relationship with a guy and probably become the mother of his children. If all you want is a short term fling, then you can disregard the tips. Get relationship advice from expert on Find dating tips and advice to make your relationship stronger.

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