The eye is one of the incredibly high precision and performing organs of the body. All of the muscles of the eye are in constant movement to carry out simultaneous functions. Due to increase in stress and economic crunch people are subjected to problems which are detrimental to their health. A 20-year-old person does not need to worry about fin-less as opposed to an older adult. However, lifestyle will affect the appearance of skin with time. At this stage, people tend to sleep with their makeup on ignoring the fact that it clogs the pores.

Fine-lines underlines begin to appear because most people take too much time working without relaxing. Therefore, bag under eyes is one of the symptoms related to aging. To be healthy and have beautiful eyes, here are some tips so as to avoid fine lines to appear under your eyes in your early 20"s.

Have plenty of water

When they say, drink 8 glasses of water a day, it's not a myth but a true story. Drinking water can help reduce swelling of the eyes. Plenty of water on a regular basis will keep your eyes hydrated yet not retain water. It also flushes out excess mineral salts and toxic wastes under the skin of the eye eliminating chances of formation of bags under eyes.

Try home beauty dermatology treatment

For that home-fashioned eye treatment for your eyes try using thin slices of cucumber and potato. The thin slices are placed on the eyes while meditating or just having a rendezvous. Apply it locally directly on the eye, cucumbers are an effective beauty treatment. Obtain best results by combining cucumbers internal properties and their external properties effects on the skin. Cucumbers hydrate the skin and provide the sulfur needed for healthy eye skin. At the same time, they detoxify the blood removing toxic wastes, hence removing fine lines under eyes. Potato slices on the eyes help to avoid wrinkles and the dark circles around the eye.

Avoid stress

Stress occurs when the events of life, whether physical or psychological, are greater than the ability to cope. Stress cases have repercussions on the body including the eyes. The skin under the eyes begins to shrink and dry up forming bags under the eyes. To reduce stress levels, leave a positive and happy life, be optimistic and engage in activities outside work that tend to put fatigue on the eyes.

Have plenty of rest and sleep

After working hard sit back, relax and engage in leisure activities to reduce strain on the eye muscles. Sleeping for 8 hours every day will help so that you do not wake up with puffiness around the eyes. Formation of dark circles all around the eye area is due to lack of sleep. Fine lines under the eye begin to appear, and this may ruin your beautiful or handsome eyes.

Eat vegetables, fruits and salads

Regularly consume green vegetables if you wish to preserve your sight, particularly those in their middle age years. The orange is rich in carotenoid and other antioxidants that protect the capillaries and improves blood flows in the eye, therefore, reducing fine lines under the eyes in early 20's. Choose to eat lean meat (this protein reduce the rate of puffiness in the eyes). Avoid eating junk foods regularly as it leads to deposition of fats in the eyes leading to bag under eyes.

Regular intake of vitamins and mineral salts

Average consumption of multi-vitamins stimulates eradication of bag under eyes. Consumption of apricots maintains vision in good conditions and gives the sparkle and beauty to the eyes that are characteristics of good health. It is not exclusively to the action of pro-vitamin A but also combining the action of other vitamins and minerals that accompany it. It helps to remove toxic wastes in the eye muscles hence removing fine lines under the eyes. Carrots, apricots, spinach, and oranges have medicinal properties for the eyelids and muscles. Load your diet with antioxidants to help in preventing the break of collagen over time that causes wrinkles. Retin-A is a vital ingredient that can help with acne breakout that prevents the appearance of fine lines over time.


Have you ever considered remaining young even when years knock at the door? Yes, the solution is here, follow these simple steps and be sure to stay young, beautiful and appealing. The eye is the gateway through which one creates emotions and impressions. A beautiful eye forms a seductive smile. It is important for people 20 years to monitor their lifestyle especially regarding smoking, not eating well and not getting enough sleep. The way you treat your skin at age 20 will determine the onset of wrinkles and fine lines. Young people should go easy on serums, scrubs, cleansers and more so on exfoliation that might be aggressive on their skin damaging the barrier.


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Margaux Diaz is Health and Beauty Expert. According to her “Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it.” She has interest in building knowledge and self – confidence of people who really want to improve their Life by proper Health guide and stay fit for life time. She is an inspirational writer and has written numerous Articles related to Health and Beauty. She is contributing to Consumer Health Digest since five years.