Keeping blood glucose levels under control is essential for good health, both for people with diabetes and for those who do not have the disease. Not being able to sleep is a problem that diabetics usually suffer, this can trigger a serious effect on the blood glucose level.

Insomnia due to Hypoglycemia

Insomnia has also been linked to a period in which you can have less tolerance to glucose, since the levels of certain hormones produced by the endocrine system can be altered. This is responsible for releasing a certain amount of hormones at specific times of the day, including those that control appetite and insulin.

This can lead to getting up at night to take something from the fridge or to have a great feeling of hunger in the morning, which ends up modifying our blood sugar level.

During the hours in which we sleep, the body repairs tissues and prepares us to face the new day with renewed energy. It is important and very beneficial to go to bed at the same time every day, so that the body gets used to having a constant sleep routine. In this way you can prevent the annoying periods of insomnia and we will be helping the endocrine system to work normally.

Here are some tips that can help

Try to maintain a sleep routine, establishing a regular time to go to bed and get up. The room should be comfortable, well ventilated, without annoying noises and with little external light.

Turn off your electronic devices about 15 minutes before going to sleep. The light of the screen of the mobile, tablet or TV can interfere in the induction to sleep. Keep this in mind when you read your e-book at night.
Avoid consuming coffee or drinks with caffeine late in the day. The same goes for alcohol, drinking more than one drink before going to sleep can cause you to have a poor quality sleep and be prone to insomnia.

If you need to nap in the afternoon, it is better that you do not extend more than 20 minutes to be able to fall asleep also at night.
It is good to be able to relax before going to sleep to disconnect from the vagaries of the day. Taking a bath, meditating, reading or tasting a rich infusion.

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