Traveling for a mega long journey in an airplane is not easy at all. You have to be in the same aircraft for more than 24 hours sometimes, which negatively impacts your body. When you reach your destination, you may want to sleep for at least 1-2 days to get rid of the jet lag. Don’t you think you must be well prepared beforehand to avoid jetlag? Follow the tips mentioned below so that you don’t waste your time in sleeping when you reach your destination.

Choice of foods

Hot foods are easy to digest, they make your body calm down, and make it easy for you to fall asleep. On the other hand, if you drink cold coffees, consume ice creams, etc. on your journey, your body cannot digest them easily. After consuming cold products, you will find it difficult to fall asleep.

Bring your pillow

Having your own pillow makes it easier to find a cozy corner at the window seat. Even if you sit in the middle or near the aisle, your pillow can make your sleep cozier than the one that airlines provide. The new pillows from the airlines may make you uncomfortable for a long time and you may keep shifting your body at different angles. If you can relax with an inflatable pillow, it’s good. Else, you can bring a small sized pillow that does not take much space in your bag.

Use aromatherapy

Lavender oil is known to induce sleep. You can sprinkle it on the pillow before sleeping when it is time. You can also use Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Marjoram for the same purpose if you like their fragrance.

Do simple yoga

You don’t have to stretch your body in the airplane seat, though you can do pranayama there. If you can find time between two connecting flights, try to find a spacious area at the airport and do some simple yoga poses to calm your body. A few airports even have yoga rooms for the passengers who have a long time to spend between the flights.

Don’t watch movies

It is good for you not to watch a movie on the poor quality screen when you are flying overnight. If you use your phone or tablet for a long time, your eyes will feel strained and you will not be able to sleep even when you are feeling dizzy. You must not watch anything that comes with a screen. You can rather read a book that will make you fall asleep sooner than a phone.

Arrange your mode of transport post the flight

No matter how hard you try, you would often feel tired after a long flight. That is why; it is a good idea to have your conveyance ready after you come out of the airport. You may have to travel for several hours by road to reach your destination, for which you may want to hire Self-Drive Cars in Delhi, Mumbai, etc. or chauffeur driven cabs if you don’t want to drive. You may sleep in the cab if you still feel sleep deprived and jet lagged, even though the tips above should help you to avoid jet lag.


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