They say that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, right? Although this saying has a much deeper meaning than what we’re feeling after losing our phones, it still sounds right considering that nowadays losing an iPhone or an iPad seems like the end of the world.

No other device is so indispensable as the smartphone because it represents more than a way to keep in touch with friends or coworkers. We also use it to store precious memories such as photos, videos or messages. That’s why keeping all of this data safe should be one of every iPhone user’s concern.

Apple provides its customers two ways of doing it, by backing up their data on iCloud or iTunes. When using iTunes, your iPhone automatically syncs and saves a backup file on your computer, meaning that if you ever find yourself in the situation of deleting files by mistake, you’ll be able to recover them from these backup files.

iClould on the other hand doesn’t need any other storage device, because it saves all of the iPhone data on the Apple servers. Each iCloud account has a specific storage limit, but it can always be lifted by paying for it.

Why Restoring is such a Huge Deal?

Both of the methods are safe and easy to use, but to be sure that you never lose a text message again, it’s best to use both. When deleting a text message by mistake, you can always restore one of the old backup files back into your iPhone, but there is one small detail that you must know before doing it.

Restoring basically means that everything that’s on your device at that moment will be deleted and replaced with what’s in the backup file. You won’t be able to restore just your notes, messages or contacts. Every other file that’s on that exact backup file will be restored on your iPhone, and your current data will be overwritten.

The only option available for avoiding this is to use a third-party software that allows you to extract individual files from the backup files. For example if you deleted a text message by mistake, you can use such a tool to extract it from the backup, without damaging any of your data and avoid overwriting everything.

The Only Solution

Enigma Recovery is a software designed for data recovery, that works both on Windows and Mac. It provides solutions for iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch users, to restore, recover and retrieve lost data. By simply installing the software on your computer, you’ll be able to extract data from iCloud and iTunes backup files, restore them on your iPhone or simply transfer them on your laptop or computer.

Learn more about how to recover deleted text messages, or any other type of data, by going to their official website. They also provide detailed tutorials on how to recover deleted and existing files, which you’ll find to be more than helpful.

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