How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation: How To Have More Stamina In Bed - Curing Premature Ejaculation

About one-third of the male population around the world are still trying to find out how to avoid premature ejaculation. This is because this condition is a highly common and frustrating problem which can lead to several problems in a couple's sexual life. It is important to find a permanent solution to this problem because it can be highly embarrassing for men and really frustrating for women. And for the majority of men; finding a good solution to PE is not a choice; rather it is more of a need.

Often it has been seen that early ejaculation makes a man feel timid about the idea of sex and could eventually lead to a loss of self-confidence over time. Early ejaculation would not just disable them from satisfying their partner, but would also lead to a diminishing level of self-confidence. There are different ways in which one can cure premature ejaculation and some of them are proven methods which makes them highly reliable. It is extremely vital to go for these proven methods at the early stage of the problem in order to cure it completely.

5 Methods To Help You cure Premature Ejaculation

1) Exercise

2) Steady Pace

3) Discussion with your partner

4) Mind training

5) Ejaculation Trainers

Exercise: This is a great way in which one can improve sexual stamina because it increases the level of blood flow to different areas of the body including the penis thereby promoting the cardiovascular functions of the body. Moreover a healthy physique would boost your self-esteem which can make you mentally strong and confident and this in turn would help you to sustain your erection for much longer. Exercising before sex is actually a good idea because it gets your body warmed up primed for sexual activity.

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Steady Pace: A very good tip to avoid climaxing too soon is to keep a slow and steady pace during intercourse. This means that if you feel the need to ejaculate as soon as you enter your partner's vagina, you should slow down and breathe. This allows more oxygen rich blood to flow into your penis and allow you to gain a bit more control. By using a steady pace you can better gauge how much you have improved and will be more able to interpret the signs when you are close to the point of no return.

Discussion With Your Partner: Couples who discuss the problem openly with each other have reported an improvement in their sex life since the man now has more confidence and a lot less anxiety and stress about his performance. One of the biggest reasons for PE is the fear of underperforming and also the look of disappointment from ones partner. In this situation encouragement from ones partner really helps.

Mind Training: Another way to avoid premature ejaculation is by controlling your own mind and resisting the urge to orgasm. For a lot of men this is not an easy task but by continuously practising this technique there will be improvement. With this method even simply thinking about something else besides sex can help release the building tension in the penis.

Avoid using sprayers or any other creams on your penis for that could be the cause of the problem. Instead, practice genital exercises which are good for long-term control.

Ejaculation Trainers: These are step by step guides created for the purpose helping men to discover how to delay orgasm and give their partners incredible sex. Many men have benefited from these trainers as they even offer techniques which can teach how to control the desire even before intercourse. These people also offer great moral boost which plays an important role in enhancing the confidence in men.

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You surely must have heard about the g spot which is the eventual pleasure point which enables a girl climax. This is the spot which when stimulated helps the girl to orgasm not just once but more number of times.

Locating the g spot is what most men are not sure about because it is not visible to the eyes. But there are ways to locate it and know that it is the right spot. Essentially the g spot is at the top part of the vaginal channel. It is slightly ribbed like the palate of the mouth.

The g spot is easily locatable when the girl is in lying position. It is not a spot that is visible to the eye; it is only through the reactions of your girl that you will be sure about hitting the spot. When you stimulate it you will see her expressions change and hear her scream or shout with joy and satisfaction.

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Another way to hit the g spot is when she is in half reclining position. You will need to slip your finger in with your palm facing upward. The finger will need to be moved in a 'come hither' motion to strike the exact spot.

Even when having sex doggy style it is easy to hit the g spot with the penis itself. You will know that you have located the right spot by her reactions. She will orgasm as the stimulation of the g spot continues while in that position. The fact that she is orgasming will tell you that you are at the right spot.

You can even hit the g spot with the penis while your girl is sitting on you while you lie on your back. You will find her move rhythmically over you to stimulate the spot. You may not feel it physically with the penis, but you can be sure that your penis is at the right spot by the way she gasps and orgasms.

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Stimulate her mind first- That is where it all starts. You see this concept is very simple, Men get an erection when they think about something sensual and so do women therefore you must appeal to her emotions and mind before you do anything physical. Talk in a deep smooth voice in her ear and tell her what's about to come. Tell her that you are going to do something she has never experienced before and it would give her the kind of pleasure she has never had before. Doing this would instantly turn her on and she would be in a better state to reach an orgasm.

Now stimulate her senses- Stimulate every sensitive zone in her body one by one which include her neck, legs, lips, tummy area and vaginal area. Make sure you go from upper body to lower body slowly. You see the slower you go the more turned on she would be and the more prepared she would be for a great orgasm. To rap it all up you must rub your penis around her vaginal area but don't insert your penis yet, Keep on rubbing it around that area and let her know you are around but keep her waiting. The more you keep her waiting the faster she will orgasm.

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