You begin planning your move and your moving budget on the basis of free moving quotes. You trust these moving company quotes, especially if they are binding in nature. But sometimes your final bill states a much bigger amount than initially quoted and you cannot really blame the movers for it. Do you know why? Your moving company quote can change because of some simple mistakes that you make or depending on extra services they have to get from your movers in order to get your move done. To avoid these extra price creeps, make sure that you've checked the following items before hiring a mover:

Changing your destination, even by a mile, could increase your costs. So, make sure you have a confirmed, set destination to which you're moving.
Long Carry Will Be Additionally Charged
The current house or the new house do not have adequate parking. Your movers have to carry your household goods by hand to and from the truck. This will result in long carry charges. You may be charged anywhere between $90 and $120 for every 75Ft from the truck to your door.

You live on the third floor, but the elevator isn't working, yet you've indicated in your contract that there is an elevator reserved for your move. If the movers had to carry your belongings up and down the stairs, they will add on flight charges to your total costs. So, make sure if you do have stairs that the movers must use, it is negotiated before you sign the contract.
Additional Household Items Will Be Charged Extra
If some additional pieces of furniture were not included in the original inventory list, you will be charged extra for them. This only applies for long distance moves where you receive free moving quotes based on inventory and distance. For local moves, charges are usually for distance plus a cost per hour per mover.

Some movers may add additional charges if they have to spend extra time trying to find your current location or the destination address. While most movers don't charge extra for this kind of delay, however, you can help the company by providing detailed instructions beforehand. Also, provide the company with information on parking and with any permits required.
Heavy Items Moving May Require Small Crane
You didn't inform your mover are moving pianos, pool tables, hot tubs or other bulky or hard-to-transport items that take up a lot of space in the moving truck (like big single piece antique item that cannot be disassembled), not only will it cause a delay in the moving, but you will also be charged extra for moving these items. And if any of these items require a crane, then it will cost you around $800-$2500 extra, depending on the size and weight of the item.

If you want your movers to stop for additional pick-ups or drop-offs along the route, then you will be charged extra around $75 for additional stops.

Didn't think there were so many hidden charges which movers could add up on your bill? This is why it is wise to ask the movers to conduct an in-home survey. During this survey, make sure to ask about all these hidden charges and find out what applies to you.

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