According to the recent poll statistics, the number of divorces exceeds 80%. In the east, for example, in India, decaying marriages are less than 2%. So you can avoid divorce. One should only approach this issue with the utmost seriousness and sincere desire to save the family. 5 tips given in this article will help those who are desperate to try to improve relations with the second half.

1. Put the relationship above the senses.
Most marriages are based on feelings. The person is sympathetic to you, and you put him in the center of satisfaction of your sensual desires. But feelings are very unstable. Please note that today you may like certain personal qualities, but after a year you will treat them with hostility, and sometimes with disgust. Hence the conflicts. Our feelings are not satisfied, and this provokes a quarrel. By putting relationships above momentary pleasures, you will take a big step towards harmony and love in relationships. This will allow the taste to be higher than from sense gratification - taste from respect in the family, from trust, from mutual support and care.

2. Study relationship science
One of the main causes of divorce and suffering in the family is the lack of knowledge and culture of relationships. Today there are many sources that allow you to learn how to build, maintain and develop relationships. Refer to them to know the particular psychology of your loved ones and understand how to act in times of crisis and conflict. Indeed, in any important matter should be aware and have knowledge. For example, to get a specialty, we study for 5-6 years, mastering all the subtleties of the profession. Success and happiness in the family also require training, which is the basis of strong and deep relationships.

3. Sincerely speak with a partner
When there are difficult moments in the family, try to understand how your partner feels. Ask him what relationship needs he has. Think about how he perceives you, putting yourself in his place. If you do this in practice, there will be more opportunities to keep warm and trusting relationships. Try more often to speak sincerely with your spouse without blame and blame. Ask what your actions do not satisfy him or her, how he or she sees the ideal image of your relationship. Such questions will lead you out of the platform of egoism, acting with which we are all used to pointing out only the shortcomings of close people. However, if you understand that it’s not interesting to live with a person, when to remove joint property and children from marriage - nothing is left in the marriage, in such cases it is better to file for divorce in Utah or in any state that you are living. Also note, that you can save a big amount of money on lawyers by using instead help from online divorce services for filing the divorce forms.

4. Be happy yourself
When a person ceases to act in an egoistic mood, he has more opportunities for happiness in all spheres of life. Relationships put you before a choice: do you want to be right or happy? The choice is yours. To be happy is not an easy task, but work for many years. However, the very aspiration in this direction will already make you happy. Just try in moments when you want to get something from a partner, to overcome your egoism, changing your consumer position to the desire and intention to give.

5. Take care of your partner
This deep relationship begins when we take care of each other. Ask yourself more often the question: “What can you do for your lover or lover, how can you help him or her in self-improvement and personal development?” So you will turn your attention from yourself to your partner. Sincerely take care of your husband or wife. In the unselfish and unconditional warmth and true love is manifested.
Love is not just the desire to be happy with the person you like. This is the desire to make him happy. Think about the needs and feelings of each other, try to understand your partner, even in the most difficult situation. Remember that you can always save a family if you have the desire to change and take care of your loved one.

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