When you begin to learn any new skills, whether that is learning how to drive a car or touch-type in secretarial school, you will come up against a number of problems, any of which could result in you choosing to give up getting to grips with this new skill. Learning how to meditate properly is very similar and, at the beginning, it is difficult to get to grips with. Our minds are particularly undisciplined and, attempting to still your mind from unwanted thoughts popping in as a novice is very difficult. This is where guided meditation can benefit you. The purists might state that guided meditation isn’t pure meditation but, if it does the trick and provides you with that state of relaxation you are attempting to achieve, it can be argued that guided meditation is a perfectly valid way of altering your state of consciousness into the alpha state where you are more receptive to suggestions and relaxation.

Meditation is intended to improve your life, not detract from it. This includes guided meditation. There are still far too misconceptions that associate meditation with the old hippy trail, New Age concepts and marijuana smoking. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you don’t even have to take this statement at face value because the effects and benefits of meditation have been researched in a truly scientific manner, carefully measured in well-respected Psychology Departments on many of the best renowned universities around the world. Meditation occurs at different states of consciousness, depending on the level of meditation reached. There is still too much emphasis on a direct association between transcendental meditation and normally-practiced meditation that can be achieved from novice level with the benefits of guided meditation. Assumptions are still being made between religious connotations and secular techniques for meditating.

This is not the place for a discussion on any religious correlation between meditation and any rights or wrongs associated with it. Practiced properly, any proponent of guided meditation would acknowledge its many benefits. When you begin guided meditation you simply put yourself in the hands of a person skilled at teaching you how to quieted down the noise and clutter in your mind, and focus on a single retained thought from which you will achieve inner peace, tranquility and be able to go about your life in a far calmer frame of mind. As you meditate you will improve your concentration, increase your ability to learn, and become more creative.

Guided meditation will encourage you to stay with the program, getting the most out of meditation and, because you are being guided by somebody who has greater meditation experience, you feel comfortable knowing that the techniques you are being taught will bring you greater rewards if you stick with it. As you progress with guided meditation you will find that your confidence will increase. You will notice that your self-esteem in more pronounced and you have more poise. You will notice that your body, mind and emotions are all healing and you are feeling in better control of yourself. Furthermore, if you have been grieving or have been suffering from pain, these are both better than before you began to meditate. You will also notice that you are less prone to unreasonable fears and phobias. In fact, there is so much at stake when it comes to meditating properly that guided meditation to ensure that you are on the right path, is essential.

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