A diabetic diet is the best way for many diabetics to help keep their blood sugar at a normal healthy level. If you consume too much sugar and continuously do this for a long time, you will soon develop many major health problems to your eyes, kidney, nerves and heart. So once a diabetic finds that their blood sugar level is way too high, they need to find natural ways to bring their blood sugar down to a better position.

I revealed in my previous article how diabetics can lower their blood sugar level by utilizing 5 natural techniques. These techniques I mentioned are apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, ginseng, exercising and drinking water. Here are 5 more additional ways a diabetic can decrease the amount of sugar that is in your blood stream.

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One simple method is watching the food you eat. If at all possible, you need to eat low-glycolic foods. These foods are broken down and distributed throughout your body much slower thus keeping your sugar level from spiking too high. These foods consist of peas, fruits, peanuts, granola, and oatmeal. Hint: combine some oatmeal with a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon, mentioned in my previous article, and you will have a great meal that will keep your blood sugar very stable. Plus, it's yummy.

Decaffeinated coffee is another great source. If you drink a cup of decaffeinated coffee along with a simple sugar item which is absorbed by the body at a fast rate, the coffee will act as a barrier and keep your blood sugar level stable. It does this because of a certain chemical with the plant that that helps your intestines to absorb the sugar at a slower pace. Regular coffee does not have this same effect.

Sit down, take a deep breath, relax, and lower your blood sugar level. Yes, relaxation can actually help lower the amount of sugar that is in your bloodstream. Stress, on the other hand, is a bad culprit that actually releases a chemical that causes our blood sugar to rise. So, try to avoid stress and seek to get some daily relaxation in into your schedule.

Garlic and onions not only keeps the vampires away, they also help keep your blood sugar level at a normal level. They do this because of a certain chemical that can be found within the garlic and onions. This chemical makes the pancreas produce more insulin to handle the extra sugar.

The most fun way to bring your sugar level down is to laugh. Some doctors in Japan conducted a test that proved laughing helps lower the sugar that is your bloodstream. They concluded their study informing us that there are certain chemicals the body releases which help lower your blood sugar significantly.

Diabetics have to closely watch their daily diet so they can keep their blood sugar level at a stable level, which is a constant battle. They need to seek out ways in which they can lower their blood sugar level to steer clear of major health problems. If you just integrate all these tips into your diabetic diet, you will soon find it is quite easy to keep your blood sugar level normal.

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Like most people you have probably never given your blood glucose levels a second thought and it used to be that only diabetics had to worry about their blood sugar, but not anymore. Our busy modern day lifestyles can well render us susceptible to a nasty chronic disease which is becoming more prevalent around our world.

New research says that one in four of us has pre-diabetes and doesn't even know it, and if current trends continue, one in three of us will be diagnosed with diabetes in our lifetime. People who are feeling tired or listless during the day, who are slightly overweight, or who have stressful schedules and irregular eating patterns might be fighting high blood sugar cycles and eventually be susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes currently affects 246 million people worldwide and is expected to affect 380 million by 2025 and is the fourth leading cause of global death by disease. The life expectancy of people affected by diabetics is less by almost fifteen years compared to the people who are not affected by diabetics so it is a serious health issue.

If you are carrying excess weight (especially around the belly), feeling tired all the time or have become a slave to food craving and riding a hunger roller coaster each day it may be time to take a detour from the road you are on. Your lifestyle choices can help prevent diabetes or put you at greater risk for it.

The solution is quite simple; to follow a lifestyle that helps to control blood sugar levels is one and the same that we all should follow. It should include a proper exercise program that includes at least 60% strength training exercise and is the most potent diabetes defense at your disposal.

To prevent or even treat diabetes the most important things are (1) to keep blood sugar levels under control, and (2) to improve your body's cells sensitivity to insulin. Strength training does both of these things better than any other form of exercise.

o By increasing the amount of toned muscle tissue. Muscle is the primary tissue in the body that takes up blood sugar, so the more muscle you have, the more sugar you can clear from your blood and the better your blood sugar control will be.

o By increasing the amount of blood flow to your muscles, which allows more glucose to be delivered to the tissues that can take it up and use it for energy.

o The muscle cells become more responsive to the effects of insulin when toned by strength training exercise. This allows the muscle cells to clear sugar from the bloodstream more efficiently at lower levels of insulin. This increases insulin sensitivity and decreases insulin resistance. .

o By decreasing levels of abdominal body fat, the type of fat which causes the biggest health risks and increases insulin resistance

In other words, strength training exercise improves your body's ability to control blood sugar levels and respond to insulin at every possible step in the process. And these are the keys to helping to prevent diabetes.

Complement your exercise program with 4-6 small meals spread throughout the day every 2-3 hours. These small meals should contain a protein source and the balance of the meal ideally should be made up of vegetables. Try to avoid processed foods and use natural whole foods as much as possible. Eating this way keeps your blood sugar steady, helps tame hunger, prevents overeating and will maintain high energy levels to support your exercise program.

None of the damage that leads to diabetes and other chronic lifestyle diseases happens overnight. A few changes in your lifestyle such as improved eating and exercise will keep you on a healthier path and make you feel more alert, alive and energized immediately.

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Thai food is one of the fastest growing cuisines in the West. And with dishes more flavorful and rich than most other countries can offer, it's no wonder more and more Type 2 diabetics are turning to Thai food to eat healthy without needing to choke down bland salads and sandwiches.

However, not every Thai dish on your local Thai restaurant menu is appropriate for diabetics. A meal with papaya salad, fried noodles and sweetened sticky rice will likely push your blood sugar higher than a kite. Lucky for you there are a few mouth-watering Thai dishes that are ideal for keeping diabetic blood sugar in check.

Spicy Shrimp Soup: Spicy shrimp soup (also known as "tom yom goong") contains fresh shrimp, Thai spices and coconut milk. Although not as healthy as salmon, shrimp is rich in omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats combat the inflammation that underlies insulin resistance. Research published in the 2009 "FASEB Journal" found that supplementing with omega-3's from seafood reduced insulin resistance stemming from obesity.

Coconut Curry: Coconut curries such as panang curry are bursting with foods like vegetables and lean meats, which should form the basis of your diabetic diet. Coconut oil is rich in a unique type of fat known as medium chain triglycerides. A paper in the February 2009 "Diabetes Metabolism Research Review" concluded that medium chain triglyceride-rich foods help diabetes manage their blood sugar.

Morning Glory: Stir-fried morning glory is the perfect Thai side dish. Morning glory is a green vegetable that can help you lose weight. Studies show that diabetics that gorge themselves on vegetables tend to weigh less than those that avoid vegetables.

Grilled Chicken: Many Thai restaurants offer grilled or baked chicken. Once you remove the skin, this dish becomes quite low in saturated fat and calories. Research suggests increasing your protein intake from healthy sources like grilled chicken can keep appetite at bay and may even boost your metabolism.

Steamed Vegetables: It doesn't get much healthier than steamed vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, onions and carrots. However, Thai people wouldn't accept a bland dish like steamed vegetables on their own. By adding a dash of salt and a generous amount of coconut milk, a dieting classic turns from boring to mouth-watering.

Fresh Fruit: Thailand offers fruits like pineapple, dragon fruit and mango that are not only flavorful but chock full of important vitamins and minerals. Ask your local Thai restaurants to make a fruit plate consisting of traditional Thai fruits for your dessert. Be sure to limit your fruit intake as certain Thai fruits like mango and pineapple are sugar-rich.

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It is essential for diabetics to reduce blood sugar level when it acts in its own way. Allowing high sugar in the blood is not good for health since it may lead to varied physical complications and can also be lethal. That is why a diabetic should know the sure ways to reduce blood sugar level. As a diabetic you may be taking some prescribed medication on consulting a physician to manage your diabetic condition. However, you should know there are a number of simple ways to reduce your blood sugar with surprising results.

Reducing blood glucose and keeping a stable control of sugar level is not as easy as one may presume. However, the task is not as frightening as it appears. If you have some confidence to challenge the diabetic ailment you can tackle the situation with a change of lifestyle. Here you have some sure ways to reduce effectively abnormal levels of diabetic sugar.

Proper food: Among many things, the most important one to remember is to eat right foods to suit your body type when you are a diabetic. It will be easy going for a diabetic to reduce blood sugar by avoiding high glycemic foods such as rice, potato, and bread baked with white flour. These types of foods contain plenty of carbohydrates which do not help to reduce blood sugar. The consequence is the insufficient production of insulin in the pancreas. You can wisely reduce the sugar levels by choosing to eat the food varieties of low glycemic index such as beans, peanuts, apples, oranges and red grapes. They are slowly digested and the pancreatic secretion is boosted.

Exercise: Once you choose the right foods in the meal plan, the next step is to keep fit with energy. This is achieved with regular exercise to the body. By exercising, you should not mean to get physically exhausted. Simple and fast movements to the body will suffice for your need. If your concern is thirty minutes walk everyday, be sure that you are on the positive side of reducing your blood sugar.

Other things:

o Stay away from junk foods totally if you want to reduce your blood sugar level.

o Avoid consuming excessive alcohol.

o It is strictly warned that you must avoid smoking when diabetic.

o Be free from unnecessary mental stress as it cannot help reducing sugar levels.

o Day time sleeping should necessarily be minimized or stopped if possible.

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It is important to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Hyperglycemia, high blood sugar levels can, over time, damage the blood vessels that supply blood to our vital organs. This, in turn, increases the risk of heart and kidney disease, as well as leading to vision problems and problems with your nervous system. Researchers have linked high blood sugar levels with cancer in women. Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, can cause us to feel tired, depressed and lead to food eating disorders.

It's important to keep our blood sugar level within the parameters of normal, so that it is neither too high nor too low.

Every time we eat, our stomach and intestines transform the food into glucose. Our cells need the glucose for energy. Our pancreas releases insulin to work with the glucose, but when our sugar levels are not at their optimum levels the result is, high blood sugar or low blood sugar levels.

For most of us, it's easy to raise our blood sugar levels by simply drinking some fruit juice or eating a doughnut. Lowering our blood sugar levels, on the other hand, may be more of a challenge.

One way that we can lower our blood sugar level is to eat smaller meals several times a day. It's easier for our system to break down the sugars and send it to our vital organs, if it doesn't have to work as hard. Eating four to six smaller meals throughout the day, while drinking plenty of water, is easier on the stomach, the intestines, the pancreas and even the digestive enzymes that are working to transform the food into nutrients.

Don't just sit there, get up and exercise. In order for everything to work properly, our bodies need the stimulation that it can only get through proper amounts of exercise. If you can work out, that is great, but if you can't or just don't want to, taking several short brisk walks a day is better than just sitting around all day.

Instead of grabbing that doughnut, eat an apple. Eating foods high in fiber like, apples, oatmeal, nuts and seeds help to fill us up without adding the extra sugars. But, if you must have that doughnut, include some cheese or a hard boiled egg along with it. Since carbohydrates quickly convert into glucose, adding the protein found in cheese or eggs will slow the the conversion of the carbohydrates to glucose, preventing a marked increase in blood sugar levels.

Eat some cinnamon every day. Cinnamon works to naturally lower blood sugar levels and help balance cholesterol levels. You need to eat about a gram a day, to gain these benefits, but you can add it to your oatmeal, toast and even your coffee. It tastes good and works great.

Finally, make sure you are getting the optimum amount of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. If you aren't getting the levels you need in your food, find a good supplement that contain vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and herbal additives. If our bodies aren't receiving the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals, it may affect the ways we are able to convert the foods we are eating into the right blood sugar levels.

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