Tire balancing is a process of matching the weights of the tire of both sides to ensure a smooth performance of the vehicle. This process also helps to stop irrelevant vibration and increase the lifespan of the tire. It doesn’t matter whether you are driving a day-to-day road car or a heavyweight off-road vehicle, it is always important to balance the tires. Especially, driving the off-road tires can be a real challenge if you don’t balance them properly.
Imbalanced tires can be a nightmare on the off roads. It can cause tire hop, unsteady motion, and much more problems. So it’s very important to balance the off road tires for a smooth and risk-free off-road journey. Here is the step by step process of balancing the off-road tires.

Step-1: Tire balancing is a risky process and we suggest you wear safety kits before doing it. Simply wear safety gloves and glasses, and steel toe shoes for staying risk-free. If your vehicle has center caps in the wheel you will need to strip them off. Also remove the old wheel weights, if there are any. It will help you to get an accurate result.

Step-2: Now mount your tire on the balance machine. Do this process carefully and make sure the wheel is tightly fitted in the machine. Also, make sure that the tire is well calibrated to certify the accurate reading. The tires should be in a straight position so that you can get the right reading.

Step-3: Now the machine will measure the width of your wheels, measure from the front to the back of the lip for a correct width. There are some machines which come with an additional feature which will ask you for the type of the vehicle. If the machine you are working with has such feature then it will ask you for the vehicle type. Choose the vehicle type and proceed to the next step.

Step-4: Now the close the hood of the machine and start the process. After closing the hood, make sure that the machine is spinning correctly. If you see hops or wobbling than maybe the wheel is not seated in the machine correctly or there is a problem in your wheels. You can check out 35 inch tire reviews at https://autonerdsreview.com.

Step-5: As soon as the machine is done, it will show you how much weights you will need to add and where to add them to the computer screen. Now you will need to open the hood of the machine and add the required weights. Go for the stick-on or clip-on weights, they fit perfectly on the off-road wheels.

Step-6: After adding the weights, you will need to assemble the wheels again to make sure that the tires are tires are balanced perfectly. If the wheels are not correctly balanced then you will need to add or remove the specific weights from the wheels for balance both wheels.

The process of balancing the off-road tires is almost same as the other vehicles. Hopefully, the above guideline will help you to accurately balance your off-road tires easily for a smoother ride

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