The 7 chakra centers are spiritual energy centers that are associated with areas of the physical body.

In Sanskrit, the word chakra means "wheel." You can think of chakras as wheels of energy. They are constantly moving in a circular motion.

Keeping your chakras balanced and open is the key to feeling healthy, vibrant and energetic. When your chakras are balanced, your energy is vibrating at a very high frequency, which allows you to attract opportunities and magnetize your success more easily. The chakras are little understood. Knowledge is power! It's time for you to learn what the chakra centers represent so you can begin to heal them.

These are the 7 chakra centers:

1. Located in the Pineal gland at the top of the skull. Represents INFLOW and ACCEPTANCE. Color is Red.

2. Located in the Coccyx at the base of the spine. Represents WANTS. Color is Orange.

3. Located in the Reproductive area. Represents NEEDS. Color is Yellow.

4. Located in the Solar Plexus in the tummy. Represents IDENTIFICATION. Color is Blue.

5. Located in the Heart. Represents INCENTIVE/DRIVE. Color is Green.

6. Located in the Thyroid gland in the throat. Represents RELATING. Color is Purple.

7. Located in the Pituitary gland on the forehead

So here are 3 key ways you can balance and open your chakras:

Be Positive in your Words and Actions.

It is negative feelings, thoughts and attitudes that causes your chakra centers to be blocked. In order to heal and balance your chakras, become aware of what negative attitudes you are holding consciously or unconsciously and shift your thoughts back to positive.

For example, in the Chakras Healing Mastery program, we start by going in-depth into the Acceptance Chakra. If you have feelings of not being good enough, criticizing yourself and not accepting yourself, you are blocking the energy in this chakra. You need to replace these unhealthy attitudes with more healthy ones in order to open and balance the chakra.

Some positive attitudes would be, "I completely love and accept myself," or "I am perfect for what I came to do." When you practice these new beliefs and get to the stage where you truly believe them, they will become a part of you. Then, your Acceptance chakra center will be open and balanced.

Balance your Inflow and Outflow of Energy

Energy "inflows" through the Pineal gland and "outflows" through the Pituitary gland. Inflow is all that you receive and learn whether it be from reading a book, attending a lecture, talking with others, etc.

Outflow is organizing what you have learned and sharing it with others. You can outflow in the form of talking with a friend, sharing in a class, writing a letter or article, posting on your blog, etc.
Problems occur if you do not have an equal level of inflow and outflow.

If you have more inflow than outflow, you will experience a feeling of nervous energy.If you have more outflow than inflow, you may feel drained of energy.

Near the end of last year I felt pretty drained of energy. I was fully booked with coaching appointments and talking to a lot of people at events, in my ezine, on the phone and in person. I felt "spent." I was getting more outflow than inflow and I knew that I needed to balance that and have some "me time." So I dedicated the 10 days we just spent in Puerto Rico at the ALC retreat focusing on my own personal and spiritual growth. I got the inflow I needed to feel balanced and come back to work with my clients again.

Use Energy Techniques to Heal and Magnetize your Chakras

Your spiritual energy is powerful. You can learn to direct healing light toward your chakra centers when they need more balance. Often using these tools and techniques will give you the extra boost of balance and harmony you need to shift a habit that's blocking your chakras.

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