How to Battle Thinning Hair

Have you ever been bothered by the fact that your hair is not as thick as it should be? That is a problem most of us deal with at least at some point in our lives. But how do you keep your hair thick and beautiful? How do you battle thinning hair? The remedy to this could boil down to something simple. Follow the following tips when battling thinning hair.

Do Away with the Chemicals

A good number of hair products are meant to enhance the look on your hair, but this does not necessarily mean such products are ideal for your hair. Using synthetic products and dying your hair frequently could end up damaging it in the long run. Therefore, when using hair products, make sure you choose the ones that contain natural ingredients such as keratin. Products with natural ingredients will give your hair a completely natural look in addition to adding volume to it because ingredients such as keratin feed your hair as opposed to causing damage to it.

Try Hair Thickening Products

Good hair products are key to keeping your hair thick, luch, and beautiful. Fortunately, there are quite a few you can try. First of all, there are various chemical-free shampoos, serums, masks, and other hair care products that will help nourish your hair and keep it looking fantastic. You can also try Nanogen’s sprinkle-on hair fibres, which will bind to your hair and give it volume and thickness. You can even use hair fibres if you’re starting to see some hair loss.

Check Your Iron Levels

Without a doubt, life can get stressful, but other factors such as heavy periods, busy days, and less meat consumption can result in low serum Ferritin, a protein responsible for storing iron in the human body. With that in mind, low iron has been one of the primary causes of thinning hair, so it is advisable to include lean red meat in your diet to increase hair thickness. Alternatively, you may choose to take iron supplements to boost the levels of iron in your body and enhance the growth of your hair.

Consider Contributors

Different things can result in hair loss. Tension and stress, if not managed in time, can contribute to hair loss. In case you are experiencing a lot of stress, it is imperative to adopt strategies that would help relieve you of the stress, such as meditation or yoga. Other factors that could contribute to hair loss include poor diet and nutrition, and hormone imbalances. Taking vitamins and mineral supplements on a daily basis will go a long way in providing your body with the required nutrients to ensure healthy hair growth.

Discard Bad Habits

Numerous behaviours can lead to hair loss and thinning. Using hot tools such as the hair dryers or straighteners frequently will most likely destroy your hair. Brushing your hair while it is still wet or brushing it when you have applied a product can result in its breakage. Cigarette smoking leads to poor blood circulation, which in turn negatively affects the growth of your hair. Taking coffee and alcohol can interfere with your immune system and result in hair loss. Therefore, if you want to add volume to your hair, perhaps it’s time to think about dropping these bad habits.

Final Words

There are so many hair-healthy habits you can adopt if you are planning to battle thinning hair. To ensure your hair grows constantly, it is imperative to stay hydrated by taking plenty of water. Eating a balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis will also help your hair to grow healthy.

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