Leadership can be defined basically as the ability to influence other humans to achieve whatever purposes positively. Many people think leaders born being leaders while others consider leaders become leaders. Perhaps all are right however on the basis of leadership we may find a set of behaviors that can be learned.
What is leadership?

It’s the process where a person influence is over other persons to acknowledge a set of objectives; the leader leads an organization in a proper way. Also leaders take responsibility of this task using its leader skills. In other words, a person can be in charge of an enterprise, but that does not make it a leader. It’s not the same being the boss than being a leader. The boss may achieve others do their jobs either by obedience, money, fear of losing the job, while the leader motivates them by making them feel comfortable in the job position. Leadership is then the process of influencing people to achieve the desired goals. But to be a very good leader you must have:


Because there is the possibility that there has been a leader who was not liked by the people, employees, etc.


Because knowledge is needed in this process rather than the instinct. To be a good leader you must think, measure, analyze and design strategies to finally achieve a joint goal.
The power of persuasion.

If we do not have credibility, if cannot express our ideas then we know that we do not know for sure. When we can’t express, it becomes very difficult to convince.


It is to be noted that in any system the bottom line is always the more flexible, which means that we do not have qualities that enable us to perceive, accept, recognize and be sensitive as it is very difficult to be a leader.

Innovative Mindset

Large companies, large processes have always been imposed by a new idea; you must then develop and find that inner creative process that will allow you to give the company the necessary ideas.


Integrity and summarized values goes hand in hand with ethics and how values have gestated within.

The leader is the person committed to assuming a position of power because of commitment and conviction within a team environment. What differentiates a leader with others is his charisma and relentless fighting spirit to achieve a common good or goal in life. Many simple examples teach us to value and give strength to face a process of change as it is to take charge of our leadership.
To have a truly effective leadership, we need almost everything stated above, but the real secret is achieved by the fundamental component of any process, positive mental attitude and coaching training. To a life run well, it will depend on not only the way how we see our lives in the past and the immediate present, but it also depends on how we see our future. I am among those who think that if we were given the ability to dream was for something special and that special something that we can turn dreams into reality, every one of them. Read YourLeadershipEdge.ca to get more qualities of a leader.

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My name is Elaine and I'm a self proclaimed "do it yourself addict". I am the mother of the best 11 year old boy ever and my husband's not too shabby either