How to be a Leader
Do you understand what Effective Leadership style entails? Well, anyone in leadership can enhance leadership style by simply studying how other successful leaders lead. One of the most visible leaders to study is a successful president of a nation. Looking at the USA for instance, each president has shown unique and specific leadership and the current President Barack Obama is no exception. This article focuses on the seven key leadership tips people in leadership can take to build effective leadership.

1. Thinking about Others

  • Think about others. This is one of the important aspects of leadership. You must be able to make it about others, not you. Keeping attention to others will increase leadership influence tremendously. Traditional leaders often start losing their leadership influence when it becomes something which highlights their desires and needs instead of those of people who follow him or her
  • 2. Being Courageous

  • The main thing that builds confidence in the followers is the courage of the leader. In leadership, courage is shown by being honest even when it means having to change your mind in the public or by saying “That one, I do not know yet.” People normally admire leaders who are courageous, leaders who are willing to stand for their values and take risks that will let them reach the goals that they have set out to achieve in a certain time frame.
  • 3. Being transparent

  • Always be transparent. While none of the followers should expect to know everything a leader is doing, they enjoy knowing major thought patterns that the leader hold and how he or she plans to implement the ideas. As a leader, you must learn to be appropriately transparent with people who believe in you. Transparency is going to make your followers feel more comfortable letting you make decisions which affect their life.
  • 4. Being Collaborative

  • A key function of strong leadership can work with others in a collaborative manner. Use words which are going to make your followers know that they are part of whatever you are planning, make them know that what they think counts a lot. You can be a collaborative leader when you let others know that you wish to hear their opinions, and you take what they say to heart.
  • 5. Being in a position of empowering others

  • If you hear the president of US (Barack Obama) give a speech, you will realize that he always find a way to include action step which others can take to help move things along. This is a way of empowering followers for action. You can be an empowering leader by simply telling others how to take part in your plans during implementation. Assign others specific tasks to complete and allow them to know your plans so as to make them accountable to get the job well done.
  • 6. Being Supportive

  • It is crucial to let the people you select to work with, know that you are fully supportive of them, even as they go through the learning curve. Depending on the experience level and the job, some people may find it hard getting started. As a good leader, you should provide assurance that you have confidence in the person’s ability to get work done. Being supportive of those around you includes the provision of enough resources to get the job done. You should as well have some mentorship which builds a knowledge base to people in ways they could not do on their own so as to let them quickly sharpen their abilities as well as skills.
  • 7. Being persistent and consistent

  • As a leader, you must have a consistent message and task which you can adhere to even when the going gets tougher. Your leadership will be obvious when your message is consistent; others can begin to relate to the message over time. As a consistent leader in your message and activities, you will be in a position of establishing strong, powerful and trustworthy leadership. Always make your values clear and build a leadership brand through the strategy of persistence.
  • Conclusion
    New leadership style is obvious for every administration. There is a need to study different styles of leaderships so as to increase Effective Leadership style along with influence and success as a leader. As a leader, you cannot demonstrate your leadership style until you develop a style. Personality is the distinguishing feature in natural leadership style. Any leader who has the timid natural personality then work is cut out if you. Always remember honest and delegation. Some people may seem to be natural born leaders, whether this is true or a product of environment is a real matter of debate. Follow the above seven tips and you will bore fruits in your leadership style.

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    Juvy Ann is a passionate Author, Life Coach, & Internet Marketer who resides and writes in the Philippines. Currently, she serves as the CEO for IWorld Vision Trading, Inc.

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