A mentalist is an individual who seems to have supernatural powers to guess the truth about a person, as well as many facts about his life. A mentalist must be a great decoder, possess observational skills and have a widely developed ability to observe even the smallest detail. Many people, from experts in criminal profiles to magicians, use mentalistic tactics and a basic knowledge of psychology to interpret human behavior. Do you want to find the mentalist in you? Here is master mentalism program review you will learn how to do it.

Find the lies

Make hasty and educated judgments. Part of being a mentalist is trusting your judgment. Unfortunately, most people have lost their observational skills. The general and discrete evaluation of an individual provides backup information that is normally lost. For example, is this person's hands soft or callused? Do you have muscle tone or not? Is the person dressed to excel or to hide? Take an example, what would someone learn from you just by looking at you?

Look for physical clues in others. The work of a mentalist lies in stirring the memories and making the signals appear, even if the person cannot remember the information. The "signals" will help you to observe what the mind knows but the memory cannot evoke. Do not forget that even if someone does not remember something, the brain records everything. Therefore, the information is there, but it is not so accessible at that time.

Detect the lies. Most of the detecting lies are to see the signals we just talked about. In fact, that's what a polygraph does; measures blood pressure, pulse, and perspiration. As long as the numbers are higher, the person is more likely to be lying. But you can do things that a polygraph does not, like seeing when people do not look you in the eyes, when they play with their thumbs or if they are inconsistent in their verbal and nonverbal behavior.

Practice giving a casual look at the room with an observant look. Find the details in the environment. Observe all human interaction, one by one until the room is grouped. Generally, a 10-second look in a room can tell you how each person feels.

Convince others

Memorize a "base" behavior of the people you are dealing with. This means how a person acts normally in any circumstance. Since people are different, you will be more effective in your readings if you have a base. And you will know how receptive they are to you!

Listen out. The fact is that people tell us things more times than we realize. If we were better listeners, a whole new world would open before us. Our memories would improve and we would make connections that we did not see before. That's what mentalists do!

It acts naturally. What minimizes this is that you make a show. So instead of pretending to be someone you're not and making a dramatic scene of it, be yourself! Your genuine self is much more convincing than anything.
Plant ideas. And you thought that "El Origen" was just a fantastic Leonardo DiCaprio movie. Although you still cannot sow dreams, you can "plant" ideas. Let's say you want someone to think of a word and the word you want them to think of is "look." You will insert that word in your conversation beforehand, look casually at your side (even briefly) and then ask them to think of something as an accessory.

Do not reveal your secrets. If you have ever asked a magician how he does his tricks; if it's good enough, he'll never tell you! I should never even explain a trick that other magicians do (or I would be expelled from the union). You must be the same! If someone asks you how you do something, simply shrug your shoulders and relate it to your greatness.

Make the last effort

Read, read and then read more about mentalists and how they work. There are many books on how to interview people and interpret the lightest facial movement, body signals and manipulation of the mind.

Study different areas but related to mentalism. To give you more credibility and just because you may find it interesting to venture into other related fields, think about reading about dream interpretation, tarot cards, astrology and telepathy, and telekinesis, just to name a few. It will make you a complete mentalist!

Train your mind. The mind is really a muscle. If you do not use it, you will lose it. So start playing chess, do sudoku and solve riddles. Do crossword puzzles Spend your free time reading and doing "Do it yourself" projects. Paint (it's good to notice details). Take an acting class (it's also good for details and emotions) All these things can help you increase your mental power.

Find a job where you can use your skills. Whether you want to be a magician, an expert in criminal profiles or a television star, why not make a little money with your observation skills and your reading skills? You will perfect your methods and learn more business tricks.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.