Over the hundred years or so that network marketing has become a billion dollar industry, there have been some less than reputable firms along the way that have tarnished the reputation of the industry.

Added to that the fact that over 90% of network marketers fail to make any profit due to a number of factors- they don't call people, the products they choose are not excellent, they expect to get rich quick, they don't appreciate that working for yourself means hard work, etc. It is quite possible that the biggest opponents of network marketing are the ones that have tried it and not succeeded.

It is important to remember one of the most fundamental rules of commerce- people buy from people that they know and trust- almost regardless of the product. Network marketing is an industry where you need to connect with all sorts of different people and give them reason to trust you.

One of the best ways to teach people that you are trustworthy is to give them something of value, which will help them to grow. This will not only give them a reason to come back to you once they have looked at what you gave them, but it will also give you a leadership quality, which again will earn their trust.

In all avenues of life, the leaders are the ones who have learned about a subject, and then teach others what they have learned. Network marketing is no different- if you know one thing about your business more than the next person, you have something to teach them.

It is important to do some research about the opportunity you choose in network marketing- some are much better than others, and it is important to really believe in what you are selling. Find out about the company you are joining, their ethics and their track record for support. Once you are satisfied that you have chosen the right opportunity for you, learn all you can about it, and start to market your business.

There are wrong ways to network market and there are right ways. Trying to convince everyone you know that this is the solution that they have been waiting for will possibly lose you some friends and relations, and it will probably not earn you very much money.

Or you can follow in the footsteps of 3 top marketers who have designed a system that will bring you leads that are interested in your business and want to learn from you as you are a great knowledge base for them. What can you teach them? All that you have learned from these top marketers, which is provided free of charge if you follow the link below.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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