The Ril token Pre-sale will begin from 1.11.2017 at 00:00:00 UTC. You will be able to see the token sale address on the official website:

Important Security Information:

1.The Rilcoin’s official website is only: Please do not transfer funds to any other fake websites.

2.We never share the token sale address on any social media or chat channels.

3.Please sign-up and log-in into dashboard on and look for the proper token sale wallet address only.

4.Please do not send any contribution from exchanges such as Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex or Kraken. Instead, transfer your funds from your exchange wallet to any of your personal wallet in My Ether Wallet or Metamask and then transfer them to the crowd sale wallet.

How to send ETH from MyEtherWallet


1.Create a new wallet at

1.Go to

2.Enter a strong but easy-to-remember password.

3.Click the “Create New Wallet” button.

4.Click the “Download” button & save your Keystore / UTC file and rename it. This file is wallet so back it up and keep it safe. You may use a flash drive/ USB drive to store your Key and keep it offline. Use a good Anti-virus to scan your flash drive and password protect it after you save your private key in it.

5.Read the warning: If you understand it and promise not to lose your private key, click the “I understand. Continue” button

6.You now have the option of printing a paper wallet, saving your private key, or saving a QR code of your private key. Back up at least one (offline) vii) Then click “Next: Save your Address”.

2.Send ETH to RIL token wallet:

1.On the top menu, select send Ether & Tokens.

2.Then select Keystore file (UTC/ JSON) and enter the password you created and click on “UNLOCK WALLET” button.

3.Your address located on the top right.

4.Copy the RIL token wallet address( in “To Address” field.

5.Enter the amount(in ETH) to send and the gas limit as specified in the crowd sale.

6.Then click on “Generate Transaction” and now “Send Transaction”.

7.Check all the information shown in a dialog box (eg. RIL Token wallet address, and amount of ETH) then click on “Yes, I am sure! Make Transaction.”

8.The transaction is successful.

3.Check Balance (View wallet info tab): in this step, you only require your wallet address.

1.Enter your wallet address and click on “UNLOCK”.

2.Get RIL Token wallet address( and Select Add custom token ticker and decimals.

3.Now you can see the balance.

How to add the Rilcoin tokens into MyEtherWallet

1.Unlock your MyEtherWallet.

2.Under Token Balances click Add Custom Token

3.Add following details and click on save:

Address: (Mentioned on the Ril token sale platform)

Token Symbol: RTK

Decimals: (As it is mentioned on official token sale platform)

4. Now you should be able to see RTK tokens now under the Token Balances.

Author's Bio: 

The Rilcoin is an open source global payment system, which is decentralized like any other cryptocurrency but special on the basis of it’s hybrid nature.