Summary- Conducting purchases online is considered to be an easy option these days in light of the busy schedules that we all have and the Internet devotion that we all harbor. However, there are a few things that must be taken care of while you buy online, so that you can get the best deals and avoid getting trapped in any kind of scams.

Shopping Online is the buzz word these days. Not only has it become a necessity in light of the busy schedules that people have these days, it has become an in-fashion thing. People take pride in showing off the fashionable products that they purchase online without having to leave the comfort of their house or regular lifestyles. However, it is important to be wise while we buy online so that along with boasting for being trendy, we can reveal to our friends, how smart we are as online shoppers!
How to get the Best Online Deals:

Conduct Thorough Research:

1. Check all the offers on the website. Sometimes, the same website offers two distinct offers on the same product (mostly in cases where there are two sellers putting their products), the knowledge of which could help you save a few bucks easily!

2. Be aware of the on-site prices. This can be done by checking the MRPs of the objects from the company websites.

3. Don’t Stick to one Portal. Many of online shopping portals offer quality products and that too at attractive discounts or even give freebies with them. Therefore, search on as many online portals as you can before placing your final order.

4. Check the Details of the Product and the Seller. Go through the given information about the product carefully, and if you are not sure about it, then call the shopping portal customer care or the seller of the particular product. This would help you get a reliable product in your hands at the end of the day!
Beware online frauds and scams! These might promise you large discounts but could be serious traps which you must escape! For this:

5. Avoid Free Mailers. Don’t purchase from the free mailers that keep on dropping in your mailbox out of nowhere! 99% of the times they are frauds!

6. Make a Note of the Website Details. There are various online shopping portals which are fake and try to entrap people in many ways. In order to avoid any such instances, make note of the details of the company from which you are buying your product.

7. Check that the Online Store is Secure. Always shop from shops that are secure. An easy indicator is the presence of a yellow padlock in the browser window.

8. Read through the Privacy Policy. Check the privacy policy of the website and never give your account information or passwords online. Reputed stores would never ask for it, and those who do are fake or frauds!

9. Go through your Account Summary after the Transaction. Check your account balance after you make an online payment to make sure that only the required sum has been taken out and no ‘hidden’ expenses have been taken.
There are other ways of saving some bucks!

10. Check the time at which you purchase. All online shopping portals just like the onsite shops, give festival deals, which can get you some easy bargains. So, see if you can put your purchases forward for the festival season!

11. Use Coupons and Discount Vouchers. Whenever you go ahead to purchase products online, coupons, gift vouchers, combining purchases are some of the common methods which can be used by you to save some bucks. However, make sure that you check their validity and use them in time to avoid disappointments. These can be very helpful in getting some handsome deals whenever you buy shopping online!

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