Do you have trouble dealing with past failures? No matter how hard you try to convince yourself you have changed and you really do want to succeed this time, there is always that history of past failure. You are doing your best to push it to the back of your mind, but you are still aware of it and it is holding you back from becoming a success in life.

You are not unique in this. Everyone has a history of mistakes and poor judgements made. We all carry them with us. They can be baggage weighing us down if we do no get past them, or they can be building blocks for our eventual success. You can take the view you are a failure or you can decide you tried certain things and they did not work out.

Do Not Try and You Will Not Fail

If you do not do anything or venture anything you will not make mistakes, but neither will you make any progress. Have you noticed how many successful people have a history of failing a number of times before they succeeded, in fact many will tell you they failed more than they succeeded. Then they will usually tell you they would not have succeeded without the lessons learned from the failures. In other words, their success was built on failures. They had to make plenty of mistakes before they learnt what they had to do to succeed.

Some individuals have strength of purpose or a vision of success that keeps them hanging in there until they finally succeed. They are the standout individuals who seem to succeed against all odds. But not everyone has that. Many give up because they are pulled down by their history and they cannot get past the mental blocks this has created.

It is only natural not to want to repeat painful mistakes. Avoiding this is a form of protection and self-preservation. Unfortunately, this means settling for something less – sometimes a lot less than should be, simply because we have not been able to remove the mental roadblocks that have been holding us back.

Remove The Mental Obstacles

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a simple, effective method of removing mental obstacles to your progress. Even though it is a modern form of healing and treatment it is based on ancient knowledge. The Chinese and others have stimulated various points in the body to heal both physical and mental conditions for thousands of years. We see this in acupuncture and Japanese shiatsu.

EFT uses these same points to stimulate and remove any blocks in the flow of energy along the meridian points in the body. It also uses some hypnotherapy techniques to make it a powerful mind power exercise.

What it means to you is you do not have to stress out because you have not become the success in life you had hoped. You may think you have not worked hard enough or you have not been strong-willed enough, and that has been holding you back. In fact, it may be you simply did not know how to deal with the issues you did not know even existed.

Spend some time and learn about EFT - there is plenty of material available. You may be skeptical at first but once you hear the many stories of how EFT power has changed and is changing people, you will be impressed. You may be able to finally remove those mental roadblocks and start making real progress in becoming a success in life.

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