Once you have gotten her sexually aroused, you are in reality promising her that you are going to give her an unforgettable sexual adventure. Nothing gets a woman more titillated than the expectation of an evening of unadulterated passion. However, if the guy cannot meet up to his woman's expectations, she will certainly feel underwhelmed. If you want to avoid this problem, then there are some tactics you can use to have her moaning in pure sexual bliss every time you sleep with her.

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"Stop Ejaculating Before She Climaxes." If you can't last for more than 15-20 minutes, then you won't have the capacity to make her orgasm - just because women need more time to reach orgasm than men. The average woman requires at least fifteen straight minutes of stimulation to reach orgasm, so if you cannot continue that amount of time, she's never going to be satisfied. She might be eager to give you another go, but if the next attempt is a repeat of the first experience, she is not going to want anything to do with you, sexually.

"The Adequate Tool". A bigger penis means more friction around her vaginal walls, as well as the clitoris. Additionally, a larger penis would also touch her G-spot - which would definitely result in a more powerful, more intense orgasmic experience.

"Lovemaking Position". Everyone has got their unique likes and dislikes about lovemaking positions. Some prefer rough movements, while others desire it nice and slow. The trick here is to know when to go rough and when to go slow. You will need to listen to her response and adapt your movements accordingly. When she is enjoying a particular touch at a particular location, continue or increase the pace.

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Clitoral orgasms are the only type of climax most women will ever have. But this is not due to an inability to experience other types of female orgasms, but rather a lack of awareness and education.

As men, we need to educate ourselves to be able to give our women incredible SEXUAL PLEASURE -- it rarely happens by luck or chance.

So read on now and discover not one, but seven ways a woman can come.

The 7 Most Common Types Of Female Orgasm

1. Clitoral Orgasms

These orgasms are the result of clitoral stimulation. The clitoris can be stimulated with your fingers or through the performance of oral sex.

Whatever method you use -- pressure and speed are critical.

2. Vaginal Orgasms

These are incredibly powerful and pave the way for multiple, squirting and anal climaxes too.

Vaginal orgasms can happen due to g-spot or deep spot stimulation.

3. Multiple Orgasms

If your woman has more than one climax in a sexual session -- she's having multiple orgasms. These usually only occur once the vaginal orgasms are happening.

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4. Squirting Orgasms

These are usually a result of g-spot or deep spot vaginal orgasms and greatly increase a woman's pleasure as she comes.

Squirting orgasms are extremely exciting. In order to squirt, a woman must relax her PC muscles as she climaxes and 'push'.

5. Anal Orgasms

Perhaps the most mind-blowing of all the orgasms that a woman can experience. Anal orgasms are a surprisingly easy thing to make happen once you are regularly giving your woman g-spot vaginal orgasms.

6. Nipple Orgasms

Some women have incredibly sensitive nipples. For such women, orgasm can occur with nipple stimulation alone. The nipples can be licked, sucked and nibbled.

7. Completely Mental Orgasms

Yes, women can have orgasms with no physical stimulation whatsoever. The way to make this happen is with A LOT of dirty talk. The mental orgasm, or 'mindgasm' as it is sometimes known is a game changer... once you give your woman a mindgasm -- giving her any other type of orgasm becomes ridiculously easy.

Of all the orgasms on this list, the vaginal ones are the most important to get working because they lead to so many other types and are incredibly pleasurable for your woman.

To give your woman her first big "O" of the vaginal kind I suggest that you focus on her g-spot (a very sensitive area inside her vagina).

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Sex for women is the culmination of love, trust and faith in their man. Women do not consider sex as something that merely satisfies their physical needs but for them it is the highest form of interaction with their man. However, for most men sex is just a physical activity that gives them momentary pleasure and ensures the continuity of their blood line. Women look at sex from the emotional angle while for men it is purely physical gratification. Given the divergent perceptions on sex between men and women it is essential to reach the golden middle so that both feel satisfied.

Make any girl climax fast with these four sure shot ways.

Take care of her mood
Before you take her to bed you have to ensure that she is in the mood for sex. This can be done by taking her for a date or a leisurely drive. A stroll on the waterfront is also a very romantic idea. A candlelit dinner accompanied by some sparkling wine is a perfect prelude to a steamy sex session.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Now you may say what role creativity plays in sex. Well, you need to bring in the element of surprise and excitement in something that seems as mundane as sex. Sex toys, costumes, music, steamy movies and the ambience of the bedroom will all arouse her for the session.

If you want to make sure that your girl climaxes fast then you will have to pay special attention to the foreplay. A longish foreplay that involves your whole body along with your fingers and tongue will ensure that all the erogenous zones of her body are stimulated. Special care should be taken to stimulate her clitoris, vaginal lips, and the elusive g spot. A longish foreplay also ensures that you last long enough to prolong the sex session.

Some positions offer maximum stimulation to the girl's sensitive parts like the clitoris and the g spot. The 'woman on top' position gives her total control of the act and she can ride on you at the speed she wants. If you are able to compliment her with powerful thrusts from below you will make her climax in a matter of minutes.

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Men aren't born with special talents when it comes to the matter of sex and satisfying a woman in bed. You see this is the major reason why you must learn this art as this is something you must know to become effective with women. Every woman out there desperately desires a man who knows the real art of making a woman orgasm. There are some earth shattering ways using which you will easily be able to make her orgasm. Read on to discover what these ways are and achieve mind blowing results fast......

It start in the mind then comes down to the body- What this means is that with women you must first stimulate their mind and you will automatically end up stimulating their body. In order to turn a woman on you must start with stimulating her mind which can be done by discussing fantasies with her and in some cases even dirty talk works.

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Take control- This is the very important part most men miss out on. You see a woman loves a dominant male in bed and if you practice the true art of taking over she would be more than pleased with your performance and will eventually be able to achieve multiple orgasms.

Tell her what's about to come but keep her waiting- Now this is the killer part where she will orgasm faster than you can possibly imagine. Tell her that she is about to get what she has never ever experienced before and how much pleasure it's going to give her yet at the same time keep her waiting. You see doing this would help build up her anticipation and at the same time she will orgasm extremely fast when you stimulate her.

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You WILL give your girl MIND BLOWING orgasms with this technique so she won't be letting you get out of bed. Don't schedule any other activities for the day after.

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