An entrepreneur who provides inspiration to her employees, partners or vendors is seen as a good leader and is undoubtedly more successful. Aren’t women who inspire you the ones you want to hang around with, work with, and be like? Today’s rapidly changing work environment demands that women who want to succeed have the skills of great leaders.

So what are some of the characteristics that you can cultivate to make your organization grow from an organic level of enthusiasm and help everyone involved get ahead faster?

The first step in growing your business from a more visceral level is to make sure that what you choose to do comes from following your unique calling. People can quickly sense on an energetic level whether you are innately passionate about your business, and that is very attractive to them. If aligned with your vision and interests, they will not only like you, but also want to be like you, as well as work with you and do the best job they possibly can.

Inspired entrepreneurs guided by an inner vision typically create businesses that support their own talents, passion and way of living. They don’t sacrifice their lifestyle to their business; their business becomes the vehicle that helps express who they really are.

Again, to be inspiring to others, an entrepreneur needs to answer to a higher purpose; other than just making money. If all you care about is making money, people will sense that on some level and it affects who wants to join you.

Although entrepreneurs need to still love making money to be successful, it is not the sole purpose for everything they do. Another characteristic these business owners commonly tend to have is that they put a lot of value on what their “gut” is telling them which is a clear indicator of following their inner guidance.

When you love what you are doing, you want your business to grow and evolve all of the time. It feels more like a process that just happens naturally. For example, the right people show up to help, enough customers come your way, or a financial backer finds you and offers to support you to the next level of development. Growth becomes a very organic experience for this kind of entrepreneur both personally and professionally, and business becomes less about competition and more about fulfilling your own potential.

New ideas are important to inspiring entrepreneurs and they tend to stay on top of new trends and look for ideas that can help them work smarter; not harder. They live with a great sense of joy and gratitude every day and they love to feel inspired themselves. They are vibrantly alive and their energy is constantly moving forward.

Do you want to be more productive and fulfilled in your life and business? Being an entrepreneur that is also an inspiration in their own life is a fast way to get both.

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