No this is not an article about learning how to say no when someone asks you for a favor that you don’t want to do or when someone tries to step on your rights but it’s an article about saying no to life when it tries to force you to live a life that you don’t want to live.
There are two types of people in this world those who escape and those who say no. When the first type of people face a problem they decide to use any of the escapement methods available to them.
Some people escape to drugs in order to forget about their problems, others try to escape by acting as if the problem is not there while a third group escapes by sleeping most of the day instead of being awake to deal with the problem.
Those who say No
The second group of people are the ones who say no to unwanted changes that happens in their lives. Those people don’t say no by shouting, screaming or crying buy they say no by working harder, learning more, developing commitment, sleeping less, being more positive, standing their ground, fighting back and deciding that they won’t take a rest until they solve this problem.
Those who say NO to life the way I mentioned are the ones who become successful and the ones who usually have the last laugh.
How to say no to a big problem
As soon as you face a big problem its ok to feel bad, down and to even cry. After all suppressing emotions is not a good idea but as soon as few days pass its time to pull yourself together and say NO.
Analyze the problem in order to come up with an action plan that could help you solve it even if you aren’t sure that this plan is going to help.
Say no by sticking to this plan even if you don’t feel like.
Say no by trying hard even if you lack the needed energy
Say no by educating yourself more and more about the problem so that you can adjust your plans
Say no by standing up once again even if your plan didn’t work
Say no by setting another plan and working on it
The next time you face a big problem or feel really bad because your life is going in the wrong direction pause for a moment then say NOOO

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