There’s no denying it; we all have anxieties and fears that keep us from being calm within ourselves and therefore affect the way we treat others. This is perfectly normal, what’s important is knowing what to do about it.

The current global situation with coronavirus is a source of anxiety for many. Not just because the media is doing what the media does - magnifying the issue, but also because not everyone will be comfortable with having their routines completely up-ended.

Self-improvement is both an art and a habit we need to practice every single day. Especially when we’re going through a difficult time in our lives, whatever that may be. Perhaps one of the most important things in life is learning how to stay calm, which is not always as easy as going through relaxation exercises.

The fact is we all process things differently; some people take bad news or stressful situations in their stride, while others are chronic worriers and over-thinkers. For the latter, regaining their sense of inner peace is not as easy as breathing in and out. However, it can be done, and it’s time you learn how.

It’s not just about learning how to calm yourself when you need to, but rather becoming a calmer person. This, believe it or not, can be an easier goal to achieve. But like everything in life, it will take some effort. It’s a matter of building the habit every single day. So, here are a few things you can do every single day to become a better you!

Immerse yourself. It wouldn’t be good advice if we didn’t tell you to meditate or do yoga at least 4 times a week. Why? Because these immersive experiences allow you to master yourself very deeply. Plus, they will teach you how to focus more easily, which will be helpful whenever you need to conjure calming imagery in your head, fight negative thoughts, and reduce anxiety or stress.

Take naps. Many people think naps are for children, but they’re not. There’s a reason naps are so positive! That’s because if you take the appropriate nap at the right time of the day, you’ll boost your energy and creativity during the day. Not to mention naps are another great way to give your mind a break and calm things down when you’re overwhelmed.

Stop blaming yourself. This is a huge part of what it means to control your negative thinking because it’s important to stop blaming yourself when you don’t have to. Yes, take responsibility for your mistakes, but don’t put yourself down. No one’s perfect and we’re all doing our best to be better people. That means you must learn to be forgiving with yourself so you can be forgiving with others and continue to be better.

Turn to music. Listening to calming music every day will help you become a calmer person in time. Calming music is almost magical when it comes to slowing things down and allowing you to regain control of your mind when you’re in a stressful or anxious situation. Calming music is very personal, so we recommend you explore your taste and make yourself a playlist you can rely on whenever you need.

Unclutter. Uncluttering is one of the best things you can do to become a calmer and kinder person. Why? Because getting rid of the things that get in our way and make our experience heavier is a truly liberating experience. When it comes to your personal space and your home, you want it to be as bright and clean as possible. Clutter goes against that, so make sure you take care of it. This also applies to people; perhaps it’s time to start letting go of the people weighing you down.

These are only a few tips that will set you on your way to becoming a calmer and kinder person. And if you want extra tools, don’t hesitate to check out our self-improvement webinar!

Remember the change you want for your life won’t happen from one day to the next! You need to consciously work on it daily. That’s why we encourage you to create these habits and to continue educating yourself, so your self-improvement journey is truly successful.

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