I imagine that you are someone who has a strong desire to share your life with another. You want the camaraderie; love, passion and partnership Manifest the Love of Your Life that you imagine could be possible in an intimate relationship.

However, given the fact that you are not in a relationship, I would assert that something is in your way. Perhaps you have loved and failed, or loved and lost in the past, and you are afraid of repeating the same mistake.

I could say that you are not "FREE" to Attract Your Ideal Mate.

If you imagined that you were a magnet for love and partnership but your magnet was dirty, your job would be to clean your magnet so you would be "FREE" to Attract Your Ideal Mate.

Step 1 – Identify what is in your way

In order to clean your magnet, Step 1 is to identify what is making it dirty. The best way to begin is to ask yourself the following questions:

• What do I believe about myself that would hold me back from attracting him or her?
• What do I believe about men or women in general that would hold me back from attracting him or her?
• What do I believe about my life that would hold me back from attracting him or her?

Step 2 – The origin of your beliefs

In Step 2 begin to take a deep look at the origin of these beliefs and ask yourself if they empower you to Attract Your Ideal Mate. If the answer is, "No", the question you may be left with is, "What would it take to discard those old beliefs?"

For instance if you believe that you are not attractive because you are carrying a few extra pounds and "men" don't like women who are "full figured", or you are bald and "women" don't like bald men, this could block your magnetism. Now ask yourself the following questions:

1. "Who" or "what" influenced your belief?
2. Is this belief externally driven by the media?
3. Do "YOU" really believe this, or are you just stuck with it?
4. If you could make up a belief that empowered you, what would it be?
5. Do you get to choose what you believe?
6. Can you create your Destiny?

Step 3 – Choose beliefs that empower you

If you can see that you get to choose what you believe, Step 3 is to discard by changing each belief that is dirtying your Attraction Magnet to ones that empower you rather than impede you. Then find ways to reinforce these new beliefs. For instance, find examples in life of men who love full figured women, or you men find examples of women who love bald men.

When thinking about Attracting Your Ideal Mate, your tendency is to think that he/she is "out there" somewhere and you have to find them.

The premise of my Work is that you only need to "ready yourself" and he/she will "appear" in your life. This does not mean you won't go out looking, but that you have freed yourself from your limitations, along with having a clear Vision, so he/she can be magnetized to you. And you will actually be able to recognize him/her.

So we could say that this has more to do with your own inner journey, facilitating clarity and readiness.
To support you in this journey, do the following exercise:

1. Determine your emotional state with regards to Attracting Your Ideal Mate. Are you fearful, insecure, jealous of others, angry, discouraged, bored, hopeful, optimistic, enthusiastic, empowered, or joyful?

2. Attach an image to your emotional state. Feeling fearful might be represented by a black hole. Feeling joyful might be represented by a sunset.

3. If your emotional state is not where you would like it to be, identify what you would like it to be. Would you like to feel happy, fearless, empowered, or joyful about Attracting Your Ideal Mate?

4. Create a new image that represents your chosen emotional state. If you were fearless, perhaps you would see yourself approaching your Ideal Mate and surrounding him/her with the energy of Love.

5. Find a way to manifest this image in your life through pictures or objects, and allow yourself to feel this emotional state several times a day when you think about Attracting Your Ideal Mate.

If you practice this daily, your Ideal Mate will be magnetized into your life.

Emotions attached to an image - negative or positive - manifest that into a reality. Therefore, Take Charge of Your Life by Intentionally Creating It.

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