I came about this topic after imagining if there are people who are being manipulated by other people’s programing and so I decided to write an article about this topic on how anyone can be in control of his life.

While am still doubting if there is anyone who is not in control of his life, still, the way some people go about living their lives makes me wonder if someone is actually manipulating or holding a rope to their lives.

I hope you have seen cases like that where someone does not like a particular thing but yet you find him doing it and at the same time, complaining? The biggest question should be why would a person do something that he doesn’t like? This sign makes me believe some people are being manipulated in life by other people, right?
How can I be in control of my life?
Before you can be in control of your life, you must first of all accept the fact that you being manipulated (controlled) by others only then can you gain control over yourself. You could be manipulated by bad friend, neighbors, classmates and even parents.
Yes, there’re parents who believe that what they want for you is the best could not be what you want. So the first step will be to identify which of this group of people are manipulating you.
You have the right over your life

What you are going to do next is to cease the right over your life and how can you do that? When I mentioned cease, am not referring to breaking up with them. I am talking about the process by which you can fully control your life without having to breakup with anyone of them, right?

So, the first thing you need to do is to start learning how to reason things out and also how to respond back to what they say. For example, If they use to send you on errands, then, start learning how to refuse the least important ones and before you know, there will start minding what they say to you thereby you begin to gain respect and authority.

In one of my articles, why do people treat me badly?, I said that the way you categorized yourself makes people treat you in that manner and the same thing happens when trying to control your life. If you make them understand that you are totally conscious of everything that happens around you, they will perceive you as conscious human being and that is how you tend to be in control of your life just like that.
Learn to make judgment and comparison

One of the ways by which people take or control other people’s life happen when they decide for them, make decisions on their behalf, choose what is good for them. If this is one of the ways your victim controls your life, then the first thing will be to learn how to make comparison and make your own decision, right?

For example, Let’s say both of you went for shopping and you wanted sleeper and your partner is recommending a sandal for you, if you take it you give your rights away. Someone who is totally control over himself will make judgments within himself; what do I need? Is it a sleeper or sandal? Would the sandal play an equal role of the sleeper? And that is how he goes about before either taking your offer or not.

People easily control our lives when we tend not to be reasoning or conscious about our abilities and strength. So controlling your life is nothing more than doing what is necessary just for you and not for the sake of others.

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