Knowing how to cut through the noise and earn the privilege to have a sales conversation with a potential customer is more important today than ever.  Your prospects are presented with hundreds of marketing and sales messages on a weekly basis.  How can you make certain that your message is the one that makes them sit up and take notice?

Join Susan as she teaches you How To Be Interesting.  A proven methodology to create any message, conversation or marketing content in a way that will drive interest and curiosity from your audience.

Key Takeaways: - Knowing what is important to your prospect
 - Create an irresistible offer
 - Make it easy for them to buy

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Start Date - 03/10/2021 11:30 AM
End Date - 03/10/2021 01:30 PM
Time zone - US/Central Informal Networking 11:00
Location - Online Event - Zoom Call - details provided 24 hours prior to the event United States
Chapter - Austin, TX

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