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It's perfectly normal to have butterflies in the stomach, especially if plenty of eyes will be on you. However, it's a completely different story if you find yourself struggling to breathe or think straight. Your heart beats a lot faster than before, and you get sick a few days before the presentation. By the looks of it, you're fighting anxiety that may be caused by facing a large crowd.

Are there ways to deal with it? It's a good thing there are. You can begin with the following:

1. Know the reason for the fear. Majority of those who fear a large group are people who have bad experiences with them in the past. They may have been embarrassed or put to shame. A crowd member may have bullied them, or they may have seen a lot of people who are also uncomfortable talking in front. Get to know the reason, and you will have a better method of getting rid of the fear.

2. Boost your inner self-confidence. There's no guarantee that everything is going to turn out perfect. However, as long as you have a lot of confidence within yourself, you will less likely commit mistakes. It's also very easy for you to amend your errors.

How do you boost your confidence? One of the best ways so far is through the use of subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are described as sounds, words, and images that are picked up by the subconscious. They carry their own meanings, and when used wisely, they can help change somebody's perspective.

For example, your subliminal messages may be positive statements or affirmations. You can use them when you need some form of uplift or when you want to stay optimistic about something. In this case, you can speak of the following lines:

I can definitely conquer my fear of large crowds.
The comments of other people don't have to define me.
I am willing to accept mistakes and learn from them.
I am looking forward to this new experience.

As you continuously repeat these subliminal messages, you will discover your thinking of large crowds starts to change.

3. Start small. You may begin with a small gathering. Be a spectator first, or you can also ask a friend to accompany you, who can offer you extra support. When you're already comfortable, you can begin joining and talking in front of more people.

4. Practice. Why don't you practice your presentation? You can stand in front of a mirror or allow yourself to be judged by few friends or family members. You can also visualize yourself standing in front of many while you're practicing, so you will get used to the idea.

5. Learn from it. You can consider speaking and presenting as a way for you to increase your confidence and knowledge. By changing your mind-set, you may find the entire experience more enriching and fulfilling.

You can definitely get your nerves settled as long as you have the will power to do so.

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