Getting up in the morning to make breakfast for your family, pack your kids lunch, rustle up a healthy snack for your partner and yourself, getting kids dressed for school, dropping them to school and finally heading to work - now that is a busy morning. Well, the same is the scene as soon as the parents come home - rush the kids to a ballet class or a football game, make dinner, help them with their homework, spend some time with your partner and finally hit the bed! Is organization in your house a distant dream? Are you getting nightmares about household chores, meal times etc. Read on to bring some semblance to your life!

Well, in such a chaotic situation, where is the time to be organized, keep a clean house and bring some semblance to your family`s life?

• Making meals, packing and feeding it to your kids takes a lot of effort and of course lot of time too! There is a lot of thinking that ideally should go behind each meal because you do not want your kids to survive on bread, grease and cheese. At the same time, you want them to experience different things and also eat healthy. Thus, try to do your groceries over the weekend and plan for the week ahead in advance. Make a timetable of which meal and what kid of meal will be prepared on what day!

• Housework like cleaning up post meals, arranging rooms or cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom is needed especially when kids are around. Well, it is better to do it as and when it gets dirty and not really wait for the weekend to wash and clean up - you do not want to be overloaded with work over the weekend

• It always helps to sleep on time and get up a little before your kids - especially on school days (weekdays). This ensures that the parents have some rest at night and if they get up before the kids, there is some peace and time to themselves - which is essential

Above all, if you want a properly organized and clutter free yet peaceful household, discipline your kids. They need to understand the importance of "cleaning up their own room" and sometimes helping out parents in the household chores and duty! This will not only help you and make you feel proud of them but it will be helpful and beneficial to them during their adult life - as they say childhood habits die hard!

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