A lot of my patients ask me how to be a success. They do everything by the book, say the perfect affirmations, think positively, and do dream boards as suggested in the book “The Secret”. Yet they are not successful in making the Law of Attraction work for them. What is going on?

We are indeed electromagnets and we attract to us people and experiences that vibrate at the same wave-length. Except at least 95% of what we radiate is what is going on beyond the level of our conscious awareness.

Let’s say we are consciously trying to radiate positive thoughts and feelings. If we have suppressed negative emotions or negative imprints, it would bring down our vibrations to a much lower vibrations band.  Not being aware of that we can get the mistaken conclusion that the Law of Attraction does not work.

In my book, The First Key, How to Remove Subconscious Sabotagewww.thefirstkey.com I address, in details, how to detect and remove the sabotage that holds you back. In this book I mainly write about imprints and negative suppressed emotions that we gather from our life experience, mainly from our childhood.  I also wrote another e-book with 2 DVDs and a CD on How to Remove Self Sabotage to Financial Success. It addresses fear of success resulting from fears caused by 6 modules: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Relationship, and Women’s issues.

For example:
-Fear of success related to the physical issues would be a fear, conscious or subconscious that becoming successful may take away from time to exercise, eat right, or enjoy recreational activities. 

-Fear of success related to spiritual module would be the fear that money would make you greedy and vain, or that if you have more money it would be at the expense of the millions who are dying of starvation.

-Fear of success related to women’s issue would be for example a subconscious fear not to be a good mother if you chose to have a career or a fear that being more successful than your husband would cause you your marriage.

My more advance work addresses the same 6 modules but trying the find the roots in past lives.

If you believe in re-incarnation, you can also see that you are carrying in your subconscious blueprints from past lives. Some may call this Karma. But all it is is a negative experience that is vibrating at a certain band that attracts similar experiences, so you’ll have the opportunity to get the life lesson right, once and for all.

For example, I treated a woman who could not succeed in her career as an actress. We found out she has subconscious sabotage to success. With Energy Muscle Testing (EMT), we further narrowed it down that it was unsafe for her to succeed as an actress. http://www.thefirstkey.com/energy-muscle-testing/
We found out it was a past life issue, for a life time in Japan. She was a Kabuki actress, who was very successful, famous and rich. Yet, she ended up being murdered out of jealousy.  As this was the last impression, she had a strong imprint that being successful as an actress is very dangerous, as it could lead to her demise.

How could she possibly succeed with such an imprint? And, of course, there was no way to her to find out what was stopping her.

This, by the way is an example of fear of success caused by relationship. A lot of times people are afraid to be rich and successful in fear that their friends will be jealous of their wealth or take advantage of them.
The beauty of EMT is that we could find out about the past life without hypnosis or having to experience the pain of re-living it by having a Life Regression.

After removing subconscious sabotage to removing the trauma, by using my Sabotage Correction Technique (SCT), we asked the body which would be the best way to release the past life trauma. EMT, in this case showed that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) would not be effective. Instead, we found out that the best technique would be to proceed with my modified Visual Field/Kinesiology technique.

We went ahead with this technique and were able to successfully remove the trauma within a few minutes.
Now, the muscle that was weak when she thought about the life time in Japan was strong. The same was true when we checked if is was now safe for her to succeed as an actress.

Shortly thereafter she received a lucrative acting job offer.

Of course, a lot of times the subconscious sabotage have to do with negative imprints during this lifetime. Then it is much easier to find and correct.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Slonim is a Board Certified psychiatrist.  She has been the Medical Director of the DSA Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA since 1984. She has integrated energy muscle testing and energy psychology in her practice. She was a co-director of NATO projects, teaching her unique Sabotage Correction Technique, on how to remove subconscious sabotage.

She worked with hundreds of people to quickly and easily get to the subconscious, find the sabotage and get then unstuck.  Forever…

She is the author of the book and DVD The First Key, How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage, also available as an e-book with embedded videos.  www.thefirstkey.com

Recently she also wrote another e-book How to Remove Self Sabotage to Financial Success, with two DVDs and a CD.