Are you eager to increase your height? Do you dream of towering above other people?
A lot of humans desire to be taller because they feel more attractive, more confident and fell that they are more respected - being short can hinder your life. Being tall has a lot of benefits especially when dating the opposite sex and at work.
A lot of scientific work has allowed scientists to discover the substance that controls height and help people grow more - this substance is growth hormones. Hormones influence the body in certain ways for example testosterone causes more masculine activities such as muscle growth and growth hormones make your body grow taller!
The two types of growth hormone are HGH (human growth hormone) and IGF-1 (insulin growth factor 1). IGF-1 is the hormone responsible for growth – it is dependent on HGH and sugar levels, so all we need to do is increase these crucial levels of HGH and reduce the amount of sugar that we eat.
Growth occurs when the pituitary gland is activated which then produces HGH. This results in bones having longitudinal growth making you taller. Some people are taller than others because they naturally produce more HGH and/or their body reacts more efficiently to it.

How do we do this?
The easiest method is to get more sleep. During sleep the body produces large amounts of human growth hormone and this is when your bones find it easier to elongate.
Another method is to take part in resistance exercises, in other words weight lifting, but high intensity sprinting has been shown to also have a similar effect. This also significantly increases hormone levels.
Milk has been shown to increase milk due to the hormones that cows are injected with. Calcium does not actually make you grow any taller (despite popular belief) – it only helps with the width of the bones.
To grow for a longer period of time we need to reduce estrogen levels as this is what causes closure of the growth plates (also why men are usually taller than women). This can be done by taking melatonin which can be brought at most health shops (this also helps with HGH levels). Zinc used to be a popular estrogen reducer until it was found to cause brain damage, ensure you do not have a deficiency of this mineral as it also helps not just with growing for longer but also for cellular growth.

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