Here’s a question to ask yourself at random times:

Am I getting? Or am I being?

When it comes to new paradigms and big dreams, think about this:

Getting somewhere is not an option. There is no there to get to.

You gotta just be there. Experience the feelings and the sheer knowingness of that thing you want.

When it comes to wealth, people often struggle because they spend their lives trying to get rich.

When you’re successful, you’re successful now. Artists know this principle well. You don’t wait to get creative before you create.

You just create. And that is what makes you creative.

The same is true with prosperity.

Sound like a load of hooey?

I understand. All I can say is that it worked (and works!) for me.

Here are nine simple ways you can BE rich starting right now…

1 – Get on a schedule.

If you have debt, or regular payments of any kind – then automate it, or put it on a schedule. Paying a tiny amount regularly is better than waiting for the big pay-day to arrive.

That’s because waiting for rescue drains your creative energy. It’s a stance of lack. When you schedule things, you eliminate reactivity.

This liberates you.

2 - Fill your gas tank.

I was quite poor when I began my career as a songwriter. One of my poor-person habits was to put only five dollars in the tank when I went to the gas station.

One day, I decided to fill up my tank. A seemingly trivial decision, yes. But I felt so rich that I’ve never considered not filling up my tank since then. Try it! It does wonders for your well-being!

3 - Count Leaves.

The creator of this Universe didn’t fret about abundance. There was no nail-biting and wondering whether all the trees should get leaves. “Maybe I should only put leaves on a few trees. Otherwise we might run out.”

It sounds ridiculous. But that’s how most of us spend our mental energy.

Count the leaves as they pop out all over this Spring! Observe sand on the beach. Watch a river for a few hours. It just keeps coming! You’re a part of this flow. Remember that.

4 - Give.

The world would be quite a wild place if everyone gave constantly. Tithing is the most outrageous act of courage I know. It says, “Thank you. This isn’t mine anyway, so have some of it.”

Giving creates space. And space gets filled up again. If you feel poor, try giving a little away.

5 – Eliminate nail biting and other nervous habits.

Think dignity. Think Princess Grace or Katharine Hepburn. Would these women of stature and wealth ever stand in the grocery aisle biting their nails because the price of organic oat groats had gone up?

Nervous habits are acts of lack. (I call them Lactions.) Lack of trust. Lack of abundance. Begin letting go by taking a deep breath and remembering trust.

6 – Start a Gratitude Journal.

If you have the “not enoughs,” then every night, write down 5 things for which you are grateful.

Remember this: Energy flows where attention goes. Put your attention on joy, beauty, wealth. Celebrate even the smallest shifts. I remember counting every dollar in my tip jar when I first performed in coffeehouses. I’d think: “That’s one more dollar I made while not sitting in a cubicle! Yay me!”

7 - Get a million-dollar bill.

I got my first million-dollar bill from a gumball machine. I put it in my wallet. It’s so much fun to see whenever I pay for something. I can’t give you proof-positive about any subsequent million-dollar-deal I made, but I like seeing it. That’s all. It reminds me to be aware of abundance.

8 - Happily pay for services.

One night, after my performance, the promoter handed me a substantial check for my fee. With a smile he said, “This is not nearly enough to pay you for this night.”

Ah, to be paid like that all the time!

I try to have his attitude every time I write a check. I make sure to acknowledge the value of that service or product. The attitude with which you pay for things (the outflow) creates the manner of the in-flow. It’s one big cycle.

9 - Uplevel your language.

Stop announcing: “I can’t afford that.”

Tell yourself instead: “I’m choosing not to do that right now.”

Stop saying: “I’m broke.”

Start saying: “My bank account hasn’t caught up with my seven-figure business yet!”

Remember this: Your language is your creativity. It is one of the simplest places to start being rich.

Author's Bio: 

Christine Kane is the president and founder of Uplevel YOU™, a million-dollar company committed to the success and empowerment of purpose-driven entrepreneurs around the world.

Christine has helped thousands of people uplevel their success, wealth and lives through coaching, in-person retreats and innovative programs, where she teaches high-level cutting-edge authentic marketing and business strategies, as well as transformational techniques to uplevel mindsets and money.

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