Life in a bar is a huge component of UK society. There are many distinct choices to choose from when selecting where to concentrate your efforts in learning how to become a bartender, which can land you in positions from contemporary bar chains to small historic pubs. Each option offers a distinct number of advantages and disadvantages, but all involve the same fundamental values for a productive life.


Skills required to be a bartender

Bartending is not just a profession but also an art which requires essential skills to keep your audience stuck to your counter.
• Good memory: Bartenders must have a keen awareness for both the short and the long term. Short-term memory is very essential to keep track of the order of each customer.
• Energetic: A bartender operates for hours, walking around, making cocktails, and to do this, you need a lot of energy. Showing the customers that you're tired doesn't offer the required professional feeling.
• Friendliness: If you want to be a friendly bartender, it is vital to be polite and empathetic. You need to make sure that customers have the best experience. If you get upset or sad very quickly by the demands people make of you, then maybe bartending isn't the correct profession for you.
• Personality: possessing a strong personality is a must for you to be successful in this field. Your character can be the deciding variable over other candidates if all other skills are the same.

Things to consider before applying as a bartender

• Be ready to begin and work your way up from the bottom. Most bartenders start at the same position to get the main moves–as a bar back. From this job, you'll be able to see how the bar is running behind the scenes, and you'll be accountable for storing alcohol, washing counters, slicing garnishes, and more.
• Get prepared to say no. Your friends are going to have fun, and you're going to be working behind the bar. When you're waiting tables, it's a part of life; the subtle changes when you create cash are when individuals are at the bar – and you'd want to be at the party, too.
• Be prepared to have fun! Although bartending can be tiring, you can enjoy yourself if you appreciate being around individuals and having an excellent time. Bartenders can create or break a night, and you are in command of how much fun you have while delivering beverages to customers.

How long does it take to become a trained bartender?

If you want to pursue a profession in bartending, there are a lot of online bartending schools in the UK which can teach you how to become a bartender with self enrollment.
There are a lot of institutes that offer Bartending as a course in the UK:
• The London school
• European bartender school
• The spirit lab
• Camden cocktail academy
• Wine school franchises

The Pros of Bartending

When you consider why you ought to become a bartender, three quick reasons ring a bell.
• Cash! – The more experienced you grow as a bartender, the more you can hope to make.
• Adaptability – Bartending is usually a low maintenance job, and the hours are quite flexible. The more time you put in, the more cash you can make.
• Mingling – There's no better method to make friends than being the bartender that everyone adores. If you're a decent audience, you'll make friends significantly quicker.

The Cons of Bartending

It's not all pointless fooling around when you pick a bartending vocation. Here are a couple of reasons why you should relook at your choice of profession.
• Managing Drunks –In the event where you go over with a raging alcoholic, no online class can show you what to do, and no two customers are the same, so make sure you remain quiet and keep an empty Gray Goose container closeby.
• The Pressure – Sometimes, the quality of a bar relies upon its bartenders, so the weight is on the bartender to maintain the decorum.

Bartending on social media

Login to different social media sites and keep a lookout for different videos uploaded by bartenders from various bars to polish your skills before hitting the stage. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are popular platforms that are readily available for fresh talent and to prove your worth. Follow leading bartenders and start practicing the skills and techniques they employ. Doing this will help you hone your skills and get better.
You can also make your own challenge and upload your videos where you can ask for reviews from others and then work accordingly.

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Katie enjoys travelling and before blogging she use to travel and work and one of easiest jobs to find travelling was bartending. She now blogs to share skills and tips that can help people in life and achieve their goals.