The chief information officer or CIO is the senior level executive in charge of the firm's technology infrastructure, organization, and planning.

The CIO plays an important function in formulating the best technique to execute alternatives and finding out the technology needs of a company. Long term goals are overseen by the CIO for chief technology officer (CTO), unlike the CTO, which typically brings a higher level of practical expertise to the job, or technology in the business. Top executives and Chief Manager frequently work their way up in an organization while earning advanced degrees.

Leadership required

To win the title of a CIO, you need to demonstrate you have the capacity to be a leader and to show initiative through your early years. Volunteer to write reports and to be a team leader to get a new project. Create new programs to resolve business problems and start projects that use your present technology in new approaches to help make the company rewarding or more adaptable. Show your ability as you lead a team from start to end and view it as a big picture. Add this expertise in MBA and participate in related industry groups as you seek to move up in the firm to garner interest.

A ladder to CIO or chief manager

As stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most CIOs start out in an organization in the IT section, where they work as entry level supervisors or computer technicians. A bachelor's degree in computer or information science will help you get an entry-level position. From that point, go right into IT security supervisor, IT director, or a middle supervisor job roles. Chief technology officer, or CTO, recurrently is the next phase, where you are going to design and recommend projects. Higher-level executives, including CIOs, generally achieve their positions after earning an MBA degree and after a considerable experience.

Tap opportunities

Competition is fierce. The more expertise, education, and networking you bring to the table, the greater chance you have got of acquiring one of the prestigious jobs. According to the survey reports, a demand for top executives and chief managers is predicted to develop at about 11% by the year 2022, while chances for supervisors of each level in IT are anticipated to rise by 15%. Globalization brings even more competition for leading CIO positions, but additionally opens doors for much more choices for all those professionals who speak additional languages or bring global expertise to the table, according to "CIO."

Pay scales change, according to the company's size.

Typically, chief managers took a median salary of 2,959,188 INR to home. CIOs at top-grade firms received salary in the year 2012 about 3 million dollars, using the highest-paid exec bringing in more than 9 million dollars, as reported by CIO Insight.

Description of Chief Information Officer or Chief
Manager of IT salary in India

The average salary of Chief Information Officer in India is somewhere around 4,096,007 INR.

The average basic salary is between 1,212,631 INR and 7,134,803 INR

The bonus varies between 98,005 INR and 1,633, 585 INR

Profit sharing (if applicable) varies between 0.00 INR and 2,560,213 INR

Total salary of Chief Information Officer varies between 1,234,739 INR and 8,844,534 INR


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