Do you dream of becoming a digital nomad? Since we started living traveling with our business in our backpack, many people ask us how to become a digital nomad and what exactly is one. If you need proof of onward travel then contact

That is why in this article we want to explain to you what is that term so fashionable " digital nomad", the different types of digital nomad and how to become one if you wish.

What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who uses the Internet and technologies to work from anywhere in the world because they simply only need a laptop and a decent Internet connection to do their work.

Thanks to only needing a laptop and an Internet connection you have freedom of movement.

What you have to understand is that digital nomadism is not a profession, but a lifestyle that is based on not depending on a geographical location to do your work.

Therefore, if your dream is to live traveling like us, this nomadic lifestyle is what you are looking for.

Although today this is the reality of countless people, a few years ago this lifestyle was inconceivable or even frowned upon.

Instead, this lifestyle allows you to get out of your comfort zone and experience living in different parts of the world while working on the Internet.

Two things have to be given so that you can become a digital nomad:

Nomad: which means that you do not have a fixed place of residence, but that you are moving from one place to another with a certain frequency.

For example, we lived in India for 2 months or worked from Canada for 4 months, or traveled to Thailand for 2 months with our online business in our backpack.

Digital: which means that you generate income online, thanks to the Internet. So you don't need anything other than your laptop and a connection to work.

There are many ways to become a digital nomad, there are no magic formulas or better or worse versions.

It is up to you, your skills and knowledge, as well as what you choose to do online which will make it work for you.

That said, although it is understood that we all work online, not all digital nomads follow the same business model.

Anyone who is hired by a company and does not need to go to the office to do their work is a digital nomad.

Anyone who is hired by a company and does not need to go to the office to do their work is a digital nomad. Today many companies are adopting this style of work as it helps them to: Reduce physical costs (electricity, water, Internet, work teams). Find better talent.

Many people want to work from home (or from anywhere in the world) and companies know it, that is why work schedules are eliminated and work begins for objectives.

What must you take into account to become a digital nomad? First of all, it must be clear that becoming a digital nomad is not always on vacation or working from a laptop on a beach (In fact, this is a myth, very uncomfortable and ridiculous). We do not work on the beach, the sand, the wind, and the light make it one of the least idyllic places to work remotely. So, get that out of your head.

Lastly, stay motivated and remember why you want to become a digital nomad to explore the world. Our first months living as digital nomads were not easy, that's why we tell you the pros and cons of being a digital nomad.

There are many forms and types of digital nomadism, there is none better than the other, and whoever tells you that there is a shortcut is lying. It is a lifestyle that to achieve requires work, perseverance, and dedication like everything else in life.

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A digital nomad would be someone who works remotely or from its laptop while being abroad and moving around.