Saina Nehwal, the poster girl of the Indian Badminton circuit achieved the title of World No #1 in 2014 owing to her sheer dedication and hard work. Badminton is the game we exhausted our winter holidays on but there is so much more to it when it comes to playing the game professionally.

Tips to Playing Better

Badminton academies across the country, equipped with trained coaches, have opened up avenues for young aspiring players to train and become professionals. Apart from getting the right racket, you must also get the right footwear before you start training. Adidas shoes are one of the most reliable brands when it comes to choosing specialized sports shoes. Here are a few essential tips on training to be a pro:

  1. Know the Game – It is essential that before you begin training you must know the technical details of the game as well the rules. Learn how to serve, lob, drop and smash correctly. Also, focus on your footwork and backhand. You should be well aware of the force that you must use in each shot to get the shuttle over the net.
  2. Get the Right Grip – It is essential that you get the grip on your racket right. Choose a racket that it meant for you. Do not hold it too tightly.
  3. Look after the Shuttle – It is essential you examine the shuttle quality before training. If the shuttle wobbles, it is of poor quality and must be disposed off. You must also practice indoors because even a little bit of wind can change the direction of the shuttle.
  4. Practice – Badminton is one game that requires you to be proactive. Planning and building mental strategy is just as important as getting the technique right. Some professional players practice as much as 8 hours a day.
  5. Cross Train – It is essential that your cross train to build up stamina, strength and agility. You can do jogging and walking. Remember to warm before practice with a little jog and or walk and stretch a little as well. Warm-up is essential as it prepares you mentally and physically for the game. You should also do a little bit of exercise after the game. However, walking/jogging after practice must be less aggressive, although you can hold your stretches a bit longer than you did in warm-up.
  6. Improvise with the Game – It is a good idea to maintain a central position while playing a game. Returning to a central position after every shot gives you access to all other areas for the next shot. You must also access the weak points of your opponents and try to capitalise on those points.

Apart from this, you can also see videos of professional players and look for the strategies they adopt in different situations. Much like your racket, opt for footwear that is meant for you. It must have a comfortable fit. A good option is to buy Adidas shoes online and save on time and effort that would otherwise be spent on shopping physically.

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