Summer is coming and we are entering the high season of vacations in Europe, America and Asia. There are great demands for professional guides. Big events like the FIFA World Cup in South Africa and the Expo in Shanghai have brought more tour guide job opportunities and relevant tourism and travel jobs.

If you are interested in a tourism career, becoming a local guide can be a good start. Ask yourself: Do you have the passion to show your city and does your personality fit? Although the tour guide job requires various skills, it is a job to have face-to-face communication with travelers. When you don't have the passion to show your city, the people, the customs and the life in this city, you will easily get bored going the same routes over and over again. If you prefer to deal with computers / numbers to real people, a guide job will not help you. Being passionate and fit for work, you can take the next step towards qualifying as a tour guide.

How to become a licensed guide? The requirements vary according to different cities and countries. The best way is to check with your local association of tourist guides or tourism department. Generally, it requires passing the exams (written and / or oral) or certain training programs. (World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations) has members of official tourist guide associations in many countries around the world.

In many countries, qualified guides will acquire a license / certificate to perform daily guide work. Practical experience is important to develop your career. Learn how to deal with different clients and needs, mature in handling various questions, gain experience in handling emerging situations ... Daily guide work will distinguish excellent guides from low-performing ones. The tour guide job also requires continuous learning. Information is changing and the city is growing. A professional guide should be equipped with the latest information, so that you can show your travelers up-to-date.

Think about your professional perspective. The career perspective applies not only to the tour guide, but to anyone looking for personal development in their work. For a tour guide, what can be your professional perspective? You can focus as a tour guide and become an expert in the field. For example, in China there are different levels of qualification for junior, middle, senior and higher guide guides. Kenya safari guides are highlighted with bronze, silver and gold levels. Another development is mastering other languages ​​to be a multilingual guide. If you want more adventure in this career, you can turn to a tourist leader for trips abroad. With your first-hand experience as a tour guide, you can design unique sightseeing tours with your specialty. In this way, you are changing to a tourism manager or marketing person for your own tours.

There are many tourist guide jobs in tourism and travel. Start learning how to be a licensed tour guide first, and practice to be an excellent tour guide in your career.

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Wherever I have traveled, there has always been a tour guide who shows me the true beauty and meaning of my destination.