Do you want to become a real estate agent? If yes then your this decision can transform your career completely. A job where you will help people to find their dream houses, getting commissions when you sell expensive properties, convert sales by holding parties, and by all these creating a good image and fame among your neighborhoods are all the perks of becoming a real estate agent. But it is not only about perks and glamour, sometimes you need to get engaged in some legal works and this sometimes becomes the more attractive part of the job.

The basic role of an agent is to assist clients in selling and buying properties. The responsibilities also include handling financing and personal data, complex negotiation between buyers and sellers, analyzing the local and regional housing market, and engaging in promotional and marketing activities. 

As you have finalized real estate as your career the first step you should look for is to get a real estate license. Don’t worry we will let you know all the required steps to become a real estate agent. You just need to follow the below steps and then it will be easier for you to get your dream job. 

Becoming a real estate agent 

According to a survey in the USA, more than 14000 people every month search on google for the steps to become a real estate agent, and then they join the real estate licensees. This information clearly reveals the competition in this field. So, becoming a real estate agent is not an easy task, especially when you are a newbie. It is estimated that 87% of the new agent failed in the initial five years of working. So to be on the right track, you should carefully invest your time and money and for this the below steps are crucial. 

  • Understand your state’s real estate licensing requirements

Each state has unique real estate laws so it is important for you to perform research and make yourself familiar with the real estate laws of your state.  When you are researching for the laws also check the real estate licensing requirement of your state. You can easily collect the information through the state's real estate commission website, there you will find the list of official pre-licensing requirements. Knowing the laws and requirements is crucial as this can change the process of buying and selling a property. Also, you will get some important knowledge about land-lord tenant issues, land use, and construction methods at the website itself. Trust me having this knowledge before preparing for the licensing exam will help you a lot.

  • Enroll for a pre-licensing course 

Enrolling for a pre-licensing course may cost you between $200- $300. There are different ways to complete the pre-licensing education requirements like live classrooms at real estate schools or universities, technical schools that offer the licensing programs, home study, or online classes. Make sure the institution where you are enrolling for the pre-licensing course has a good reputation and offers quality content. Must check the reviews and if possible talk with the students who have already done a course from that institution. 

Taking the pre-licensing training is mandatory before appearing in the exam. Training hours may vary depending on the course, in general, 60 hours of pre-licensing training is a must. 

With the help of training, you will learn the real estate principles, practices, and the legal aspects of the business. 

  • Take the Real Estate Licensing Exam

Once you have finished the pre-licensing training course it is time to take the real estate licensing exam. You need to follow the application process which again varies from state to state and includes a fee. In general, the fee cost may range between $100 to $300. You will get all the instructions related to the exam at the commission's and also from your course provider. In some states, background check and fingerprint submission are required (it can take weeks), if that’s the case with your state then be prepared for this also. 

You need to select the schedule and mode for the examination. The examination is held in two sections, in the first one you will face the questions related to federal real estate laws and general real estate principles while in the second section questions from state-specific laws are being asked. Both the sections contain 60 to 100 multiple-choice questions where you are allowed to use a calculator to solve math questions.

While pursuing the course, your institution may provide you a sample test. Most of the real estate commissions provide sample questions online on their website so that candidates can appear the examination without any hesitation.

No need to worry if you get failed in the examination, you can take the exam again and again over a period of two-years. If you were busy somewhere or unable to pass the exam in this duration of two years then you need to retake the pre-licensing course and then again you can appear for the examination. 

  • Activate real estate license

Once you have passed the exam, you need to activate your real estate licensees from the commission’s website. Activation fees typically cost around $200 - $400. You will also require to pay for membership in your local MLS. 


  • Join a brokerage 

Before you start your own business you need to work with a licensed real estate broker or join a professional real estate organization to legally practice real estate. Working under the supervision of a licensed doesn’t mean you will get an hourly salary you will get paid only by commissions. This means you will receive payment when a transaction is completed by you. Make sure the final paperwork is completed from both sides, that is you and the broker. 

Good luck with your journey to becoming a licensed real estate agent. Still, if you have any queries, feel free to ask. We will try our best to help you out. 

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