Being human resource personnel is not as easy as it seems. There are numerous things before you can think of venturing into human resource department as an HR professional. Let’s read and find out what are they? Along with prerequisite education qualifications there are other acquired skills that you may want to check out if you are planning a career as a professional in human resource.

Yes, professional certifications do help but there are still other things that you need to possess if you wish to become an HR professional. So what is that? Read on to know.

Skills Required To Become A Successful HR Professional
When you are at an interview there are certain skills set that will showcase whether or not you are legible for the role of an HR in that organization. And here are those skills if you wish to succeed as an HR professional or even to climb the ladder of success and become an HR Manager in your organization.

1. Recruiting: This is the most important skill you need to acquire if you want to become a successful Human Resource professional. Since recruiting is the major focus of any human resource job, it is important that you are adept at this skill. Showcase it on your resume – internships you have taken in an HR department; any resumes you have shortlisted for school or college magazine. All these will come handy.

2. Screening: Screening is a process where you review a person on his skills set and ability to take up new challenges in the company. Showcase it on your resume – all the volunteer work that you had done at school level to select other kids, or even while selecting the right sources for an article in the school newspaper. It should all be there on your resume. These skills showcase your analyzing skills.

3. Employee relations: This is another skill that you need to profess on your resume and even possess, as employer-employee relations are the strong base for business to thrive on. Showcase on your resume – think about an occasion where you have intervened and resolved the issue amicably. Talk about the soft skills used to resolve the matter.

4. Human Resource Information Software or HRIS: Defined as an intersection of human resources and information technology through HR software, HRIS allows HR activities and process to happen electronically whilst making the workload lighter and more efficient for HR professionals. Show this on resume – if you are HRIS certified then you need to highlight on your resume and if not then showcase your eagerness to learn the software.

Professional Certifications In Human Resource

human resources professional certification will help you stay ahead both in an interview and in your job. As certified human resources professional you will always have an advantage over your uncertified peers in terms of both job searching and promotions once in a job.

While certifications may not be mandatory in the field of HR, however, the industry experts believe that certifications will put you ahead of the competition and ensure that you get the coveted job or the promotion that you have been seeking. Certifications validate your skill set and assure your prospective employer/recruiter that you are dedicated to your profession and have made all the necessary efforts to stay abreast in your field.

Professional certifications in human resource from reputed certification bodies also ensure that your job is secured from all the calamities that may hit like recession, layoffs. However, it’s always better to up with the latest in HR practices.

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