Yoga is a concept of Indian culture, very ancient and very popular in the modern world. If we turn to the primary sources or those who have been practicing yoga for a long time and, accordingly, the philosophy that it carries, it turns out that yoga is an elevated state of mental and physiological human components, the balance of a person inside and out. In other words, sustainable control of the senses and body. In addition to yoga, barre instructor training is quite popular today.

Yoga has five varieties: raja yoga, karma yoga, jnana yoga, bhakti yoga and hatha yoga. It is worth noting that not so long ago, UNESCO included yoga in the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind, appreciating highly its important impact on the life of Indian society.

True, in connection with such a popular practice, sometimes you can fall into the hands of charlatans and dropouts, which can lead to disastrous consequences. It is important to understand that yoga should be taught to people who have certain knowledge and skills, and how to acquire them can be learned from this material.

The purpose of yoga
Starting any action or movement, you need to clearly understand what result you want to come to. In the case of yoga, there are several options: from improving general health to achieving moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death). Therefore, the future coach must clearly understand to which of the results he will lead his students. In this case, the instructor has a goal - to identify the objectives of each of the classes and determine whether they coincide with the desires and aspirations of the students.

Yoga Injury
As in any physical activity, you need a measure and understanding of your capabilities. Yoga is quite traumatic and even somewhat insidious. An inexperienced trainer may not be able to calculate students' abilities and offer an exercise that is too much for their physical preparation. Such cases lead to sprains, and sometimes to more complex injuries.

How to become a yoga instructor
In order to become a yoga trainer, first of all, you need to soberly assess your capabilities, and secondly, to understand the perspective of your classes. In addition, a good yoga instructor should, at a minimum, have an education related to his activities. Ideally, graduate from a sports school. In this case, he will have a complete picture of how the human body is structured, what possibilities it has, the importance of proper breathing during physical activity.

Nowadays, anyone can become a yoga trainer. A professional trainer must be introduced to the course of psychology, human physiology, know the safety technique, have an idea about the history of the discipline, its necessity and features. For this, there are a large number of training programs, courses and specialized classes.

It is not enough to become a trainer, instructor, teacher, mentor, you need to constantly replenish your knowledge, undergo specialized retraining, train your mind and body, and also constantly improve. This is important not only for self-development, but for the existence of healthy and quality competition. Yoga is very popular in our time. Attracts with its mystery, pacification and benefits. Therefore, the demand for a good professional trainer is constantly growing.

Do not forget that a mentor must have stable psychological qualities, be understandable and enjoyable, must be able to work with people of different temperament, gender and age. From here it follows that a quality trainer is required to take a course in psychology. Be it the psychological department of the institution, or the same courses. The main thing is that it should be properly presented.

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