Today because of all the phone calls, we want to do something extraordinary and set up an acting class. I think acting in television, theater or cinema is something very appealing.
I’m friends with a lot of actors; truthfully, they are a very likable bunch of people. Not just because they are famous celebrities, no, it’s because intelligent actors are also successful in their personal life. But, why do I say that these intelligent people are successful in their personal life?!
1- When an actor plays in different types of movies, no matter what, he overcomes a series of strange events and problems along the way, and in most cases at the end he comes out successful.
So, he learns that if he doesn’t let go of his life and continue on with acting, there’s a strong possibility that he can become successful. It’s true that in a movie, this all happens in 2 hours, but in real life this occurs over 2 years.

2- There’s another factor which helps them out a lot and that is, during the tough times in their life, instead of becoming annoyed and frustrated, they can play a role of a positive person in life that doesn’t get angry and is able to make logical decisions. This allows them to simply have a better life by making good decisions during the tough situations throughout their life.
That’s why I want to set up an acting class. Because if you learn this trait, you can quickly, build a better life for yourself.
I’ve got some good news for you. According to one of the great directors, most famous actors did not have the talent for this kind of work and they could only act out the part in the best possible way since they were working with a good director. As a proof, they are actors who played in other movies and made a fool out of themselves, but then by playing in the movies of great director they even managed to win a prize. So, therefore, you guys can attend my acting class and achieve great things.
During life’s tough moments be a great actor. Everyone knows how to become sad and act out loud during the tough times in life or when bad things happen. But, you can be different and unique. During tough times, ask yourself: how can I act differently in response to this problem?
In your life, always act like you’re an actor and act out the scenes in a way the viewer, sees your attitude as strange, strong, skillful and full of humanity compared to normal people. This way your fans will grow day by day. Actor is someone who has to do anything that the director wants him to do, not just the things he can do or he likes to do.

Ali Mirsadeghi’s acting class:
Mirsadeghi: First of all I want to do a test; everyone try to frown and look angry. They all act it out so good it actually scares me.
Mirsadeghi: Kids, that was great, I congratulate you; how did you learn to be so good?
Someone from the back of class yells out: we all know how to act this way, we’ve had a lot of practice!!
I take another test from them: Kids, try to cry.
Mirsadeghi: Great!! You’re all great actors; I don’t know why you’re taking my classes. I’ll take the last test so then I can have an ease of mind.
Mirsadeghi: Now close your eyes; I want you to play a really tough role. Imagine the worst result you’ve gotten in your life, a result that was really important and you were really embarrassed because of it. How much criticism did you put up with on that day?!
How did you feel when your favorite teacher brought you down in front of class? While being prosecuted by your parents at school, imagine your enemy at the back of class with a huge grin on her face. What an awful day. Now come out of the school.
Keep your eyes closed, I’m not playing hide and go seek!!
Start walking towards your home, the door opens and you see you mum in the living room. In this movie you are playing the role of a positive person and now that your home, instead of throwing your bag pack on the dining room table (to protest your anger!!), you slowly place your bag on the ground and with a beautiful smile you greet your mum and thank her for her hard work. You’ll hug her, give her a kiss and instead of going on about your depressing day at school, you’ll tell her about the nice things that happened to you while at school. Now open your eyes, how many of you can actually play this role?!
A couple of kids looked confused, and looked around at each other. The kids who don’t put their hands up, will play minor roles or even play as backup actors (but, they don’t know it themselves), do you know why?!
Because the first rule of acting is to have the ability to change when the director asks you to. That’s because skilled actors can be sure that whatever role the director asks them to act is doable.
A girl puts up her hand; she acts out the part really well. A week later she wants to talk to me after class, but I say I’m running late for a consultation session at another school and have to run. She doesn’t give up; she walks with me in the hallway and says: Mirsadeghi, I haven’t been speaking to my mum for the past 2 years, last week when you gave me that exercise, I decided to act it out just to prove to myself that I can be a good actress, but when I got home and played the role, my mum and I made up after 2 years.
Thank you for that.
The story above occurred in one of my consultation sessions, where I told the kids to set up and acting class right here- I mean right in the consultation class! they accepted and as a result this beautiful story was generated. I love this story, how about you?

Author's Bio: 

I was born in 1981 in Iran and began to work in the field of consultation, giving advice to young and adolescent people in my country. In 2002 I established the first department of educational consultancy, called Barsa. Since a significant number of students became interested in attending my consultations and planning sessions, I started organizing conferences and workshops; training more than 400,000 directors, consultants, university and school students.

I have written 14 books which have been published in Iran. I am an accredited member of society of educational consultants (SEC). Finalist of the 2013 International Book Award, winner of the 2013 & 2014 MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Customer Delight Award for delivering the highest satisfaction amongst students with an excellent training and development program.