Trends in Children Literature

In a recently published statement, president of Scholastic Book Clubs, Judy Newman, notes that the company's policy is focused on understanding and forecasting future development trends in the field of children's literature. It is this basis that allows the firm to occupy a leading position as a publisher and to offer topical news to its readers.
Thanks to the mentioned service, kids can find almost any book that corresponds to their preferences and desires. In a similar way brings up a love of independent reading and learning. Numerous forecasts of the company, as a rule, are true, which is confirmed by the results of 2017. Let's turn to tendencies of this season to better comprehend what kind of literature should be offered to junior followers.

Muscular Female Tempers
One of the company’s editors claims that in 2018 a lot of novelties will appear, in which the main heroine for imitation will be women. Moreover, the latter will attract not only girls but also boys. Scientific editions will recall the eminent feminine personalities who are at the head of comprehensive progress. Among such books Scholastic names the next:
Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You
This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power Primer by Daniel Roode
Malala's Magic Pencil by Kerascoët
Princess Truly in My Magical, Sparkling Curls by Amariah Rauscher
You Should Meet: Women Who Launched the Computer Age by Laurie Calkhoven

Social Issues
A lot of representatives of the firm are frankly pleased with the promotion of media literacy among the younger generation. Children's writers increasingly place the reader in the thick of events, a kind of space-time continuum, in order to educate them in perceiving complex topics.
Already from a young age, they are taught to reflect on the problems of climate and the causes of world wars. Agree, it is much easier to grasp current or historical events, if you become their active participant, not a passive witness. Intensive courses are envisaged to assist parents to show the real world to their children. Of great interest are the works:
Give Bees a Chance by Bethany Barton
Chasing King's Killer: The Hunt for Martin Luther King Jr.'s Assassin by James L. Swanson
Finding Gobi: Young Reader's Edition: The True Story of One Little Dog's The Big Journey by Dion Leonard

Pipeline Characters
Last year was rich in the reissue of comics and retro personages, which vividly embodied in serials and Hollywood films. This season was no exception. Fans are not ready to part with the beloved The Boxcar Children, Magic School Bus or Jigsaw Jones. Such familiar stories have been transformed by describing new unforeseen adventures. Try to feel nostalgic together with:
Motor Goose: Rhymes That Go by Jef Kaminsky
The Boxcar Children: Great Adventures by Anthony VanArsdale
Sink or Swim: Exploring Schools of Fish by Judy Katschke

Mystical Creatures
Not only the child but also an adult, would not refuse to find an unusual city or personally see a unicorn. True, children in their endeavor are helped by a fantasy that cannot be kept by the printed word. This year dragons and fairies will appear not only in a unique guise but will teach the basics of philosophy. Little followers should grasp how important it is not to betray yourself and protect your inner world from external attacks. Add to this some humor and get a real cocktail of emotions:
Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey
Nella the Princess Knight by Christine Ricci
Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea by Ben Clanton

Master Classes
Global trends in education are increasingly paying attention to the need to develop business qualities from childhood. In achieving so, do it in an unobtrusive way, as if playing with a kid. Numerous penmen have seriously imbued an akin idea. With the aid of popular heroes, they try to show children the attractiveness of a financial world. Perhaps, the mentioned direction really stimulates the humanization of economic categories in the future. Check with:
My First Learn To Draw by Melissa Webb
CoderDojo Nano: Make Your Own Game: Create With Code by Jurie Horneman

Thus, one of the world's largest distributors presented their prognosis for children literature. Of course, the probability of error remains always. Nevertheless, after getting acquainted with them, you have a chance not only to stay informed but also to please your child by choosing the right book. But in order not to let a slip, it is better to take an extra interest in his or her preferences.

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