Famous agony aunt tells you how to get a job as a professional paid agony aunt.

Having worked as an agony aunt for many years I do know exactly how this business works, the sort of people who are suited to it and how to get into it. Let us first look at the facts. 99% of customers who consult such an expert are women, usually aged about 18-25 and usually about men, a man, love, sex, marriage, divorce and similar subjects. Thus the ideal person to get into the field of agony aunts is a woman who is experienced in life or understands youngish women and who knows about and understands men and relationships, love, divorce, marriage and dating.

To be a good agony aunt and to be able to get paid work as one working for others ou need to also be a good listener, kind, sympathetic, thoughtful, patient,
intuitive, perceptive and articulate. Now that they work online and work by email there is no point to one who is kind and caring but who can barely string a sentence together or who cannot spell!

I often get emails from people who know I used to work as one and ask me how they can get into this work. There are only two ways to end up as a paid expert. One is to set up your own business, which costs a lot of money, and is risky, and it can mean that you totally fail. If you have no proven track record and no qualifications then people will not trust you and pay you money for your advice.
You would need to at least have proved yourself and worked for a senior expert fist. Please do not try to contact me direct for this, I cannot help anyone that way and it is unlikely that your email will even reach me.

The easiest route, the quickest and one that does not cost such a huge fortune to set up is to get a job working for a senior expert. That way you simply get paid when you work without having to worry about paying out for an office, advertising and many other expenses and then hoping work comes in. Some agony aunts have a background of working in health or journalism but that is not essential and it does not guarantee they are good.

Many would be experts like the idea they will work for a big national newspaper or magazine. The trouble with this is that those publications are very fussy, will not take on unproven unknown people and get lots applying for those jobs. It also pays you a lot less than I pay my staff! It is not the way to go when you are at the bottom of the ladder looking up!

Many sites have forums where you can post replies to other people's pleas for help and give them free advice, on the basis that the readers are warned you are not an expert and it is up to them then if they listen to your advice. But this is hardly the same as a paid professional job where people accept and take note of you or where you get paid for your skills and your time. You are also competing with lots of other amateurs there who are all eager to give free advice that most do not take any note of, some of them being young teenagers.

There are two types of people who apply to become an agony aunt. The first type are capable, caring, intelligent, wise, and would be a huge loss if they did not become paid experts. The second type are those who are not quite up to scratch and recognise that they need training.

The Association of Agony Aunts is a leading organisation which takes on those with the right personality and character and also trains up agony aunts who have the potential and hires them if they are good when there is a vacancy. There is no other similar organisation anywhere on or off line.

To find out a lot more and apply for a job I suggest you go to the website http://www.askagonyaunt.com. I am President of The Association of Agony Aunts. It is the only place that helps people to become professionals and offers such jobs.

Author's Bio: 

Charlotte Craig, 30 years as an agony aunt, famous clients, praised by the Press, experts and professionals. Offered magazine, newspaper, radio and television work. http://www.askagonyaunt.com