Most of us are walking asleep. We are barely able to keep up with what is in front of us let alone have an awareness of what is happening to us or around us. But have it is that awareness we have to cultivate if we are to become everyday guru’s.
We have start waking up.
How do we do this? We need to begin to recognize the why and how of our lives. When we are being triggered emotionally we have to stop and ask ourselves “is this a pattern, what is the emotional button being pushed, what can I do differently next time.” The more aware we become the greater the chances of us creating change in our lives. Because it really is true that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again you will keep getting the same result.
When you are in the middle of throwing the frying pan at your partner in anger, stop and ask “have I been down this road before is this a pattern of behaviour I need to be aware of and change?”
When you are backing away from your mother because she is once again telling you how to live your life, stop and ask “Is this a pattern can I change it what am I contributing to it?”
When you are moaning about your job and how you hate it to a co-worker for the 1000th time in the last 6 months, stop and ask “Is this a pattern of mine. Am I being proactive or am I wanting to play the victim?”
The more aware of you are of your behaviour, words and life patterns the greater the chance you will be able to create change in your life. Of course change always meets with resistance as others will try and maintain the status quo. Eventually however change will come.
But awareness always proceeds change. And awareness means walking awake, taking notes and getting real about who we are and what we are doing. Its not just about seeing the person in front of us it’s about acknowledging the person within us. What am I contributing to what is happening. What can I do to help things change? Maybe this time I need to put down the frying pan and walk away to cool down. Maybe this time I need to put in some healthy boundaries with my Mother and tell her how I feel. Maybe instead of moaning about my job I need to be looking at courses to help improve my chances of getting a new job.
Every day Guru’s are simply every day people coming awake…

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