People mistakenly think that creativity has anything to do with genes and that’s why those who believe that they are not creative remain the way they are.
In fact creativity is nothing more than a combination of your belief system and your life style. In order to become more creative you just need to alter few of your beliefs and make some permanent changes to your life style.
In this post I will tell you about five ways that can make you super creative:

1) Creativity is related to observation: Most of the creative ideas come from observing your surroundings. Walt Disney decided to create the famous character Mickey mouse when he saw a rat wandering in his house. By learning how to spend more time observing your surroundings you will find yourself becoming more creative.
2) Creativity is hiding your sources: Einstein ones said that creativity is hiding your sources. Some people get this saying wrong and believe that they have to steal the idea so of other people but that’s completely wrong. When you observe others you will find yourself collecting a piece of information from here and a piece of information from there until you will end up with something brand new as a result of the information mixture you acquired.
3) Dedicate free time for creative thinking: Research has shown that routine is a great creativity killer. If you want to become more creative then you must dedicate some free time where you prevent yourself from being bound by any rules. During this time you can try to do the same things you used to do in a different way or to try to do things you have never done before.
4) Don’t put any constrains while thinking: Most people do the mistake of thinking of new possibilities while being constrained by certain facts. In order to become truly creative you need to think without any constrains. Even if your ideas seemed irrational in the beginning sooner or later you will bump into something that makes sense.
5) get rid of the fear of failure: Because many people fear taking risks and fear failure they remain stuck in their comfort zones and never attempt to try anything new. Creativity is all about doing few wrong things until you find one right thing that works. If you fear taking risks then you will never try new things and you will kill your creativity.

Just as you saw creativity is not exclusive for anyone but it requires some dedication in order for someone to acquire it.

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