Part 1: Getting Down to What Really Matters

The foundation of attractiveness is not external but internal and it is based on being clear and centered in your Self and your Purpose in Life. Often people think that there is a Purpose buried deep inside of them that they need to search a lifetime for and uncover. I believe that your Purpose is something you create and declare. It should light you up inside and inspire you to get up each day.

Try this exercise to help you develop your Purpose.
Recall a time when you were ecstatically happy.

What is getting fulfilled for you in this situation?
Recall a time when you were incredibly proud of an accomplishment.

What is getting fulfilled for you in this situation?
Imagine a time in your future when you are doing something or involved in something that makes you feel incredibly happy and proud.

What is getting fulfilled for you in this situation?
Imagine that a very close person in your life is preparing a toast for you on your 80th Birthday. How would that person answer these questions?

1. What do they appreciate about you?
2. How have you contributed to them?
3. How have you contributed to the world at large?
4. What would they say your Purpose in Life has been?

Compose the following statement. Remember it is a declaration and not the "right" statement. "The purpose of my life is (fill in the blank)."

Finally take your statement of Purpose and post and read it daily. Notice where in your life you are not operating from your Purpose and begin to make changes. When you are living completely consistent with your Purpose, you will be Irresistibly Attractive. True Attractiveness is actually light and radiance beaming out of someone's face, haven't you noticed that?

Part 2: Being Consistent

After you have developed your statement of Life Purpose, your final step in becoming Irresistibly Attractive is to make sure that your Vision, Intentions and Goals are consistent with it.

To begin this alignment, take the following actions:

1. Develop a 5 year Dream or Vision statement. Make sure it is detailed and written in the first person as though it were happening now.
2. Read that statement 3 times daily, especially before you go to bed. This way you will dream about your Vision.
3. Write out your 5 or 6 main Intentions for 2008 that are consistent with your Purpose and Vision. Make sure they start with, "I am so happy and grateful that 'X' is happening".
4. Read these also 3 times each day.
5. List your specific measurable Goals for 2008 that are consistent with your Intentions.
6. Make Action Plans and a timeline that will fulfill these Goals.
7. Review your Goals weekly.

You will find as you work this Plan that you feel more and more excited about your Life and Attractive to yourself each day.

Do this with a sincere and inspired heart, and your radiance will shine through.

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