You may find that you act impatiently towards your partner or spouse and that may be causing friction in the relationship. What can you do to become more patient in the relationship so that you can relate in a loving manner with your lover?
1. Listen a Lot and Talk a Little
Try to listen a lot and talk just a little, when your lover irritates you. Even if your lover says something that irritates you and makes you want to blow him up, choose to listen to what your partner is saying to you instead of answering him or her immediately.
Then, digest what your partner said and think through it before you respond.
The time you use to think about what your partner said will give you an opportunity to decide to change the vocabulary you may have decided to use to answer him.
For example, if you intended to say, ”You are an idiot!” taking time to think through what your partner said may make you decide that, “No, although what Isaac said was annoying, if I say Isaac is an idiot, he will get angry and that may cause a fight. Instead of saying he is an idiot, let me say he is insensitive or a bad lover.” As you debate with yourself what to say and refine the way you will respond, you will cool down which will help you to respond in the right manner.

2. Spend a Lot of Time With Patient People
Spend a lot of your leisure time with patient friends who are also lovers so that you can learn from them. When you are with them, ask them what makes them let go of petty irritations when their partners or spouses irritate them.
Moreover, find out why they choose to be patient when they can choose to get angry, when they are disrespected or provoked by their lovers. You will get valuable insights as to what motivates some people to act with patience and that can help you to work on yourself so that you can become more patient.

3. Try to See Your Lover’s POV
Do not be too sure of yourself. Do not think that you know all the answers for any situation or that you are always right.
Remind yourself often that your lover is an original person, a unique human being whose personality is different from yours, and who will, consequently, see things differently from the way you see them.
When you see things from your lover’s perspective, it will make you understand why he or she acts the way they do. That realization will help you to calm down when you are angry. Consequently, you will look at the various angles of the situation, and choose the best way to respond to your lover.

Patience will help you to sustain the love in your relationship. Therefore, make conscious efforts to keep your ears open whilst you try to speak only words that will show that you respect your lover, learn from patient men and women, and remind yourself often of the fact that your spouse is different from you and that will help you to become more patient.

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