We all want to be productive but sometimes we find ourselves procrastinating and wasting our time without intention.

I interviewed many people who are known for their productivity and also interviewed some of the procrastinators I know and as a I result I discovered 7 points that could you become more productive , here they are:

-be 100% focused: Productive people become 100% focused on the task they do. When they attempt to complete a task they put away their mobile phones, they never check their mail, facebook or blackberry and they isolate themselves completely from the surrounding until they complete the task.

-Develop courage: Sounds like a weird advice, right? Actually it was discovered that procrastination is sometimes your mind’s method to help you escape from the tasks you fear to do or from the fear of failure

-Don’t wait for the right mood: While I wish you happiness everyday still this is not how life works. One day you might find yourself sad, the second day you might find yourself irritated while the third day you might find yourself not in the mood. Waiting for the right mood can kill productivity.

-Don’t wait for the right time: Sometimes waiting for the right time becomes the excuse we use to escape from responsibilities and the tasks that we don’t like. Just like waiting for the right mood will slow down your productivity waiting for the right time will never help you get your tasks done. Start right now!!!

-Know exactly what you should do: I became the most productive when I started developing lists for the tasks I must do. A friend of mine once told me that the main reason for her procrastination was not knowing exactly where to start from

-Are you motivated enough?: Productivity and motivation are 2 sides of the same coin. If you aren’t motivated enough you won’t feel like working and productivity would have no meaning. Understand the reasons behind your lack of motivation and treat them in order to become truly productive.

-Promise yourself a good reward: People who are not productive don’t enjoy their time because of feeling guilty. If you promised yourself some good free time after completing your tasks you will be able to both enjoy your free time and to become productive. In short, work time must only be dedicated for work and free time must only be dedicated to having fun instead of worrying about your productivity.

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