Using Instagram(IG) to improve the reach of a business is what most business owners are doing today. Asides business owners making use of the platform, a good number of people use the social platform to make new friends from around the world.
It is no doubt that running a successful IG account takes a long time and needs great planning. Most profiles are on the lookout for more followers and improved engagement on their posts. This can become an easy thing to do if the right steps are taken towards it.
In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the top advice offered that concern the running of an Instagram account. Let's get it on.
Schedule posts in advance
If you find yourself busy in the real world, you will see that you might not always have the time to get on the social platform and post content. Some people have less time to themselves than others and only go online to upload photos, videos, and texts once in a while. With you, this does not have to be the same. By scheduling your posts in advance, you can get your posts out to your followers when you need to. Also if you run a business account, IG tools can help you do this.
Upload video content to IGTV
Since the IGTV got featured on the platform, users on IG have found a way to upload videos longer than one minute. If you wish to convey ideas to your followers either about yourself, your experience, or your business, using IGTV is a great way to do that.
Use Hashtags wisely
Hashtags can help improve the reach of your posts. Make use of branded hashtags to better catch the attention of your target audience.
Add captions to your images and videos
Captions are great for images and videos. Always include them when you upload images or videos to the platform. You can also include a call-to-action in your captions.
Use filters
Filters are great for adding a little bit of style to your photo. Most image editing software will always recommend that you use filters when you want to enhance the looks of your photo. If you wish to make your posts follow a special theme, sticking to the same filter can help you do that.
Be active
Always stay active on your account. Inactive accounts on the platform are sure to lose a lot of followers and attention.
Engage with other accounts
Engaging with other accounts is a good way to gain more followers. This way, you get to show authenticity.
Share your content across other platforms
The share button of Instagram can come in handy for you. You get to share your posts on other platforms. By doing this, the rate at which people engage with your posts skyrockets.
Use stories
Stories are an ideal way of engaging people and showing you are still active. If you run a business, making use of stories is your go-to ticket to showing important information to your audience.
Tag others
Tagging your favorite profiles and brands offers you the chance to improve your exposure. This gives you a better level of visibility and provides you with an opportunity to work on building your current audience.

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