The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before. - Albert Einstein.

All the people in the world want to succeed in their life. Everybody wants to be at the top and get the glory and earn respect from all. But there are only a selected few who end up achieving their goals. There are a lot of reasons for it and I will give you the exact ways about HOW WE CAN BECOME BEST.

But first of all, let me give you some analysis regarding the percentage of people who stand out in the crowd. Let us assume that there are 1 lac people standing in a crowd. All of them want to become experts and geniuses. But out of them, around 50.000 are unaware of what they are doing. They want to be successful but they don't know in which area they want to be successful so they are jumping from one place to another. The other 50, 000 want to become successful and know the areas they want to succeed. But out of that 50,000, only 1000 have designed proper strategy and plans for it. And out of that 1000, only 100 have put proper systems in place and created an actionable plan to achieve their goal with complete clarity.

But only 40-50 out of those people work hard, keep their systems in order, and are prepared for the challenges they are going to face in their journey. But they remain steady, they are patient and they have faith in themselves. And these people definitely become successful because they have followed all the processes. So you can clearly understand from this that out of a crowd of 1 lac people, there are just 40-50 people who are going to achieve their goals. And out of those 40-50 people, only 2-3 will stand out in their fields and transcend all levels and become geniuses.

So what are the statistics:
Number of People: 1 LAC
Successful People: 40-50 i.e 0.05%
Geniuses: 2-3 i.e 0.003%

This is the same analogy Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna on the battlefield. He told him that there are hundreds and thousands of people who want to get liberation, but in the end, it filters down to very few based on their powers of concentration and faith in him.

What is the summary of the things you derived from this?

Every little step you take, it would mean that you are moving towards something higher, something special, something which will give you a feeling of happiness and satisfaction as you move on. After every few steps, a lot of the people are stopping and giving up, but you are moving ahead.

Let me explain to you another simple example. Suppose you want to become a good salesman. So what are the things you will do to become the BEST SALESMAN IN THE WORLD? It will be your communication skills, your convincing power, your vocabulary, your ability to understand the minds of people, and more than anything else SELL THE PRODUCT. But SELL THE PRODUCT will happen as you take care of the basic skills I described above. So every time you stand in front of the mirror and do some rehearsal to speak, you are moving ahead. Every time you watch a good inspirational video in your field, you are taking one step ahead. Every time you are talking to a customer or making a phone call, you are doing progress. All these tiny steps will keep on moving you towards becoming the best salesman in the world. But the only condition is that you do not have to stop but keep on doing little progress every day.

But without the qualities of Patience, Perseverance, Setting Practical and Achievable Goals, Putting Proper Systems in place, and giving Attention To Detail, you will reach nowhere. And most of you would have already found that you are missing out on a few of these qualities and would require to get things in order as early as possible. Otherwise, you will not become a GENIUS in your field.

Every tiny step you are taking, it is helping you to become the BEST in your field and every moment you waste is pulling you down and undoing the good work you have down before. There is no specific mantra to become the BEST OF THE BEST. The only way to reach the top is TO TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME and NEVER GIVE UP. It will take time to get results but they will surely come because the world will always welcome experts and geniuses, no matter in which field they are.


There is a lot of competition in the fields we have chosen.
The percentage of people who become successful is 0.05 if we take 1 lac, people, into account.
The percentage of people who become geniuses is 0.003 if we take 1 lac, people, into account.
We need to make sure that we don't get lost in the crowd.
We need to always make little progress, every moment, every day.

The qualities of the GENIUSES are:
Patient and Perseverance
Setting Practical and Achievable goals
Putting Proper Systems In Place
Attention to Detail

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